Sheen on Trump: ‘We Look Forward to Impeachment’

More evidence of Hollywood's recklessness — Part 5

The toxic ridiculousness from the entertainment elites in this country can be difficult to keep up with — but we’re doing it for you.

From political preaching to actions that annoy, befuddle, and insult our intelligence — it’s all here. Take a deep breath and dive into our fifth roundup of Hollywood ridiculousness.

“I don’t know how we’re going to take four years of this.”

Charlie Sheen, who previously joked about the death of the president-elect on Twitter, told TMZ that Donald Trump should not expect to hold office for very long. After the “Platoon” actor praised actress Meryl Streep’s horrible anti-Trump Golden Globes speech Sunday night, Sheen said of Trump’s impending presidency: “We look forward to an impeachment.”

In the interview, published Wednesday, Sheen also called critics of Streep’s speech “a bunch of trolling d*****bags.”

Emma Stone, Matthew McConaughey, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams and others took part in yet another celebrity public service announcement. This time, the actors sang along to the Gloria Gaynor 1979 hit, “I Will Survive.”

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Though Donald Trump is not specifically mentioned, the video, posted Wednesday, is meant to target his upcoming inauguration and presidency.

After endless embarrassing political preaching and Trump vilifying in the Hillary Clinton campaign videos that earned nothing but eye rolls — you’d think Hollywood would have learned its lesson.

They have not. Oh, and “I Will Survive”? Considering these coastal celebrities are millionaires with successful careers and movie franchises to their names, we’re pretty sure they’ll be just fine no matter who is president. After all, they came out of the Obama years unscathed. Many Americans can’t say the same.

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Barbra Streisand appeared on Monday night’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews” to discuss Meryl Streep’s now-infamous Globes speech, as well as to add herself to the list of celebrities who are engaged in fear-mongering about the Trump presidency.

“I don’t know how we’re going to take four years of this,” she said of Trump’s first term in office. The actress then praised the Streep speech. “I thought she said what she said beautifully,” said Streisand, adding, “What we need more is kindness and common decency.”

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That kindness and common decency should come from a populace that can at least make the small step of accepting Donald Trump as president (remember how Hillary herself talked about how the “peaceful transfer of power is a cornerstone of our democracy” in her concession speech? Whatever happened to that?).

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In a totally laughable moment, Streisand also said, “Little girls were heartbroken when Hillary Clinton didn’t get to be president.”

Yes, we’re sure they were absolutely devastated when the corrupt and war-mongering politician failed to reach the White House.

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And now, on a positive note …
Mark Wahlberg,
star of “Patriots Day” and the upcoming fifth “Transformers” movie, provides a much-needed lift after the above roundup. In December, Wahlberg described most celebrities who talk politics as “out of touch” and “living in a bubble.” While his celebrity pals continue to live in that bubble and bemoan Trump’s inevitable presidency, Wahlberg used his time to praise American heroes.

The actor visited Des Moines, Iowa, to screen his film about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, “Patriots Day,” to first responders. Over 800 guests, including cops and firefighters, were treated to a screening of the film, dinner, and a Wahlberg talk about the film. The invite-only event was a fundraiser for the American Red Cross, Hope for the Warriors, Operation First Response, and the Puppy Jake Foundation.

Wahlberg also visited with the families of two slain police officers — Urbandale police officer Justin Martin and Des Moines police sergeant Anthony Beminio.

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After the event, Wahlberg told The Des Moines Register, “Sitting there and meeting people … who have dealt with loss pretty recently, and especially parents and spouses and children, it is never easy. But to know that we didn’t forget and to honor them in the way that they should is extremely important.”

Hollywood — start taking notes.

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