Charles Gasparino, a senior correspondent for Fox Business, reported through his Facebook and Twitter accounts that he and “Charles in Charge” actor Scott Baio were threatened by aggressive protesters during Donald Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20.

Gasparino wrote on his Facebook page on Monday: “More detail on my post trump inaugural fun and games: first met my pal Scott Baio outside the victory ball. We said hello when a bunch of anarchist thugs began to descend on us screaming ‘hey Chachi are u fascist?’ One made an aggressive move toward us i shoved him away and he said ‘touch me again u little pr**k and I’ll smack u’ my response: “GFY a**hole” that’s when my producer Brian Schwartz intervened and crisis was averted.”

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Before the lengthy post to Facebook, Gasparino had tweeted the day after the inauguration, “Wild night for me & @schwartzbFBN witnessed @KellyannePolls in middle of a fight at Liberty ball; stopped a thug from attacking @ScottBaio.”

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Baio retweeted Gasparino’s Twitter report of the incident and responded by saying about the violent protesters, “Yet, the media claim they were all peaceful. Imagine this s***! Someone threatened to throw P*** on us too! #Hacks.”

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Baio’s wife, Renee, also responded to a report by Page Six about the incident on Twitter, saying, “I pushed the guy away. Police did nothing! Charlie was on other side of @scottbaio we were surrounded.”

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Baio is not new to being attacked by unhinged liberals. He filed a misdemeanor battery report with Ventura County Police in December, alleging that Nancy Mack — wife of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith — screamed and berated him over his support for Donald Trump, then physically attacked him.

The reasons for both alleged attacks are clear: Baio is a supporter of President Trump, about which the actor has been very public. He spoke at the 2016 Republican National Convention in support of Trump.

Where was the media on this most recent incident? Nowhere to be found. This is how things roll in this country — and it’s one of the reasons President Trump has already been sending clear signals to the news networks that it’s time to report the news without an agenda.

While the mainstream media spent eight years playing the race card every time a conservative disagreed with Obama, it goes eerily silent — or at best, whispers — about substantiated physical attacks on Trump supporters. From an attack on a 74-year-old man in New York City by a 23-year-old “anti-bullying” Black Lives Matter activist, to a high school student assaulting a fellow student carrying a Trump sign in Palm Bay, Florida, incidents of violence are effectively ignored by the mainstream media.

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Liberal celebrities even attack average American conservatives. In December, TMZ reported that actor T.J. Miller allegedly assaulted an Uber driver for the latter’s support of Trump. The story was picked up by the Hollywood media and gossip sites, but the fake news networks remained silent. It didn’t fit their agenda to report it.

Meanwhile, this same media refuses to call out Madonna for the outrageous statement she made over the weekend that she’s “thought a lot about blowing up the White House.”

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The mainstream media also doesn’t bother to mention actress Ashley Judd’s speech at a women’s march on Saturday. There, Judd quoted a 19-year-old’s poem that compared President Trump to Hitler. This is an insult to all those who died under the scourge of the Nazis.

Yet that was nothing compared to the vulgar line — too distasteful to mention here — from Judd regarding Trump and his daughter, Ivanka. Instead — the mainstream media went out of its way to pay tribute to Judd’s “powerful speech.”

There is a silver lining to this shameful behavior. Liberal hate and hypocrisy was treated as de rigeur and, therefore, acceptable during the Obama years. However, with the change in presidential administration, average Americans are now paying attention and being vigilant in exposing and calling out violent behavior ignored by the media.

In the case of Baio and other attacks on Trump supporters, violence against someone who simply has a different point of view should not be accepted in any democracy.