Parenting Tip of the Day: Jan. 2

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“Stress is a natural part of life that can impact a person, no matter [the] age. Despite parents trying to keep things from children, little ones are very intuitive and oftentimes pick up on worry — despite their parents’ best intentions. If adults aren’t careful, it can be very easy for anxiety from Mom or Dad to spill over on kids, but it’s also possible to keep this concern from affecting your child. Whenever you’re feeling the stress creep in, consider trying [this] to keep your own negative feelings from impacting your child’s outlook: Don’t ask leading questions. Don’t create the expectation that your kids should be worried or upset about something. Avoid setting a negative tone and immediately putting them in an anxious mindset by asking things like, ‘Are you nervous about this?’ Instead, keep things neutral by asking, ‘How are you feeling about this?’ and let their own emotions lead the conversation.” — Lauren Levy in

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