Michael Moore: Women Trump Voters Are ‘Victims’

Filmmaker continues his press tour while other celebrities choose delusion over reality

Despite all of Michael Moore’s outrageous and foolish public comments, Donald Trump has been nothing but good for the filmmaker’s career. After remaining quiet through eight years of the Obama administration and refusing to even go near the Democratic president in terms of criticism, Moore has now seen a golden opportunity for the white-hot spotlight — and his chance to pretend he cares about the little guy.

Continuing his Trump press tour, Moore landed an interview on MSNBC’s Sunday program “AM Joy.”

Moore decided the best thing to do was to explain to women who voted for Trump exactly why they did so.

After attending a women’s march over the weekend, Moore decided the best thing to do was to explain to women who voted for Trump exactly why they did so. He called them “victims” of “misogyny and the sexism that is so prevalent and ingrained.”

Moore said about his experience at the march over the weekend, “I did run into Trump voters. And I asked them, especially — I remember one woman. I said — she was telling me that she voted for Trump. I said ‘Really? In spite of his attitudes toward women and the things that he said?’ And she said, ‘Well, you know, women, a lot of us, we’ve just had to learn to take it over the years. You know, that’s how my dad talked and that’s how my brothers talk.’ And I thought, ‘Oh, geez,’ you know, it was such a reminder of still how far we have to go.”

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Moore, who says he’s for the common guy, then proceeded to name-drop his celebrity friends. “I was at this one thing — John Leguizamo, a great actor and comedian Hispanic, he says, ‘I’m Hispanic and I always thought racism was our No. 1 problem that we have to deal with,’ but this election really showed that we’ve ignored the misogyny and the sexism that is still so prevalent and ingrained. And ingrained in many of the victims.”

Moore added, “The 46 percent of women that voted for Trump and the 53 percent of white women that voted for Trump. And that’s — well, that just says that we’ve got more work to do and we’ll keep doing it.”

In Moore’s mind, any women who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton are “victims” and need a savior male like him to come in and explain things to them. If you asked women why they voted for Trump, it is likely that being a “victim” would not be a reason for their vote.

There were other celebrities who chose to live among their delusions over the weekend. “Sopranos” actress Edie Falco gave an interview at a women’s march in which she said of Trump, “He can’t live in the White House in my brain.” Doesn’t sound like a very healthy way to deal with a new president.

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Another celebrity who can be chalked up on the delusion board is Madonna. After saying at a women’s march that she has thought about “blowing up the White House,” the singer is now saying her words were taken out of context — despite the fact that her words were shown live on television and videos of her speech have been circulating since she first made those remarks.

“I want to clarify some very important things. I am not a violent person, I do not promote violence and it’s important people hear and understand my speech in it’s [sic] entirety rather than one phrase taken wildly out of context,” she wrote on Instagram.

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She went on to explain that she was promoting a “revolution of love” in her speech. It’s true that she did say “revolution of love” in her speech — yet Madonna seems to miss the point of people’s criticism. She cursed and talked about domestic terrorism and political assassination in a speech that was supposed to be about “love” — that was the problem. Through her divisive words, she stole the spotlight and made herself and others look bad.

Madonna’s claims of being taken out of context could be motivated by the fact that she may be under investigation from the Secret Service. A spokesman for the Secret Service told The Gateway Pundit the agency was “aware” of Madonna’s comments and would open an investigation.

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In a bit of hopeful news, not all liberal celebrities are constructing walls of delusion around themselves. Matt Damon, a Hillary Clinton supporter and loud critic of the Second Amendment, said he is looking forward to working with Trump on a very specific issue — clean water.

The “Jason Bourne” actor founded water.org in 2009 with civil engineer Gary White. The foundation’s website says they are “using microfinancing in new ways to bring small, affordable, easily repayable loans to those who need access to affordable financing and expert resources to make household water and toilet solutions a reality.”

Damon told the Associated Press on Sunday he is hoping to pitch Trump on the issue soon and to have a bipartisan conversation. “Hopefully, we’ll get our turn,” he said.

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