Media Whitewashes Race from Brutal Chicago Kidnapping

Press downplays anti-white motivation in Windy City torture as part of selective reporting pattern

In a barbaric incident, four black suspects now in police custody beat and tortured a mentally disabled white teenager as apparent revenge for President-Elect Donald Trump’s electoral victory.

The assault was recorded and streamed live over Facebook — chants of “f*** white people” and “f*** Trump” can be heard in the background. To any objective observer, the horrific act appears to be a clear-cut example of a hate crime, but one wouldn’t know that based on mainstream media coverage of the event.

“There is no doubt that most people who work in newsrooms are down with the cause … They believe black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism all the time, everywhere, that explains everything.”

News of the sickening attack broke Wednesday afternoon, yet on Wednesday night neither ABC’s “World News Tonight” nor NBC’s “Nightly News” reported on the crime, according to NewsBusters, official blog of the Media Research Center. CBS reported the incident briefly, but made no mention of the victim and his attackers’ race or the anti-white hate speech chanted by the attackers.

While CNN did cover the incident, they made sure to let viewers know that just because the crime seems like an obvious hate crime and has all the hallmarks of a hate crime, there is still no reason to believe it is a hate crime. “We cannot callously go about classifying things as a hate crime,” insisted panelist Symone Sanders, who maintained that the incident was politically and not racially motivated.

Even the Chicago police refused to publicly recognize the clearly racial element of the targeted attack. “I don’t think that at this point we have anything concrete to really point us in that direction,” said Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson when asked if police were treating the incident as a hate crime.

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Unfortunately media pundits — and even police officers — downplaying, ignoring, or covering up racially motivated black-on-white violence is a regular occurrence.

In October 2016, a mob of between 100 and 200 people in Philadelphia, predominantly black, ventured to Temple University to hunt white people for sport. Eyewitness reports detailed numerous anti-white slurs and made it clear that the violence was racially motivated, but the mainstream media ignored or trivialized the incident.

“Friday violence as teen mob attacks Temple students, police; four arrested,” read the headline on Philly.com. “Teens arrested after flash mob leads to assaults on Broad Street,” reported the Philly Voice. “STUDENTS BEATEN, HORSE PUNCHED IN MOB ATTACKS AT UNIVERSITY” declared the Associated Press.

In July 2016, Vanderbilt football player Corey Batey, who is black, was sentenced for the 2013 rape of a white student. During the sentencing, it was revealed that Bates’ rape was also a racially motivated hate crime. “Mr. Batey continued to abuse and degrade me, urinating on my face while uttering horrific racial hate speech that suggested I deserved what he was doing to me because of the color of my skin. He didn’t even know who I was,” the victim said.

What was Batey’s horrific racial hate speech? “That’s for 400 years of slavery you b****.”

The mainstream media was silent.

In 2013, Bosnian immigrant Zemir Begic was beaten to death with a hammer by a gang of black teenagers in St. Louis. Police said emphatically that there was no reason to think that the attack was racially motivated. Meanwhile, witnesses reported people screaming “f*** the white people” and “kill the white people” before the brutal attack.

Colin Flaherty, author of the controversial book “White Girl Bleed A Lot” which documented over 500 cases of black-on-white violence that went largely unreported, believes a main reason for the whitewashing of black-on-white violence is that reporting honestly on such episodes of anti-white violence — which occur with disconcerting regularity — would shatter entirely the myth of black victimhood in America.

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“There is no doubt that most people who work in newsrooms are down with the cause,” Flaherty told LifeZette. “They believe black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism all the time, everywhere, that explains everything. Especially why cops are always picking on black people for [allegedly] no reason what so ever,” Flaherty said. “Many members of the National Association of Black Journalists act as enforcers of this code inside largely white newsrooms.”

Interestingly, Flaherty actually cautioned against classifying such crimes as hate crimes, as doing so “severely understates the level of black-on-white crime and violence that is so wildly out of proportion.”

“If you want to make the story in Chicago about how so many reporters and public officials are in denial about how this a hate crime, that is easily done,” said Flaherty. “But that also misses the bigger picture of this violence — that it happens every day, and is ignored every day,” he said.

“It also ignores the even bigger picture — how black-on-white hostility and violence is mainstream — and lots and lots of people say … white people deserve it.”

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