Given how much the media salivated over the Women’s March on Washington this weekend, it’s hard to believe there has ever been any other meaningful march within the D.C. area. However, there is a peaceful, pro-life march that the media tends to ignore — “The March for Life” that happens every January around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

The March for Life is the largest pro-life rally in the world. It raises awareness for the respect for all life — not just the unborn. It is an opportunity to respect the lives of the ill and disabled as well. The number of participants has grown steadily over the last 40 years.

“I consider myself a member of the pro-life rank-and-file — just one of the tens of millions of Americans who fear the cavalier way innocent human life is treated today.”

In 2013, some 650,000 people marched for life. Even in 2016, when a blizzard threatened Washington D.C., thousands still came to show their support for life — but again, little attention is paid to this annual event.

It was announced recently that Kellyanne Conway — counselor to President Donald Trump — will be the first sitting White House official to speak at the 2017 March for Life in person on Jan. 27.

Of her decision to speak, Conway said, “I consider myself a member of the pro-life rank-and-file — just one of the tens of millions of Americans who fear the cavalier way innocent human life is treated today,” as Real Clear Politics reported. But the mainstream media has not covered the star power Kellyanne Conway gives to the March for Life, much as they ignored the fact that she was the first woman to successfully run a presidential campaign.

That’s right. Trump promoted a woman to be his campaign manager, just as he promoted his daughter to executive vice president. Because Donald Trump does not hate women — despite the message the media and celebrity crowds keep trying to force on the public. He recognizes talent and advances those who excel in their work.

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The Women’s March on Washington took up much of the news cycle the past few days. C-SPAN covered the speakers and protesters leading up to the march, rather than showing the National Prayer Service. Celebrities came to show their support for the march. Julianne Moore, America Ferrera, Ashley Judd, and others were all present. Alicia Keys and Madonna were two of the performers.

According to the Women’s March official website, the mission of the march was to “stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families — recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.”

In reality, the march had a crude display of “pussy hats” — knitted pink hats with cat ears. A day after President Trump called for unity, the crowd held anti-Trump signs with slogans such as “Electile Dysfunction,” “Nasty Women Protest,” and “Resist.” There were also countless pro-choice signs including, “No one puts my baby maker in a corner,” and “Health care equality reproductive rights for women.” The entire event was sponsored by Planned Parenthood and pro-life women were not invited to participate.

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In perhaps the most distasteful moment of the day, Madonna sang a repeating verse, “I’m not your b***. Don’t hang your s*** on me.” She stated, “Donald Trump, suck a d***.”

It was offensive, hateful, and foul. She then finished her performance by telling the audience to “choose love.”

The last speaker before the march was a young, well-educated Muslim woman who accused President Trump of bigotry and racism. She ended her remarks by leading the crowd in a chant: “The people united will never be defeated.”

Despite the vulgarity and obvious left-wing agenda, the media has continued the supposed message that the Women’s March is about intolerance for hate and a demand for equal rights. The truth is that the Women’s March was actually about protesting the Trump presidency and traditional conservative values.

Whether or not there will be any coverage given to the March for Life in 2017, it is a relief to many social conservatives that there is a pro-life president residing in the White House.

Katie Nations, married for 15 years, is a working mother of three young children. She lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.