The 44th March for Life in Washington, D.C., is still going on right now, on Friday — and given the recent election and the Republican control of Congress, the momentum seems to be on the pro-lifers’ side.

Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country gathered to protest Roe vs. Wade and defend the life of the unborn. LifeZette caught up with some of the leaders in the movement about the future — especially in light of the presidential election and the new occupant of the White House, Donald J. Trump.

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Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of The Susan B. Anthony List, shared thoughts about the future of the movement and also hit on the recent discoveries by Life Action concerning Planned Parenthood’s claim about prenatal care.

“One of the best things that happened is that journalists are actually looking at Planned Parenthood’s claims that went unexamined for many, many decades. The idea that they are major providers of prenatal care is the most laughable claim that I’ve ever seen them make. They think they can get away with an old PR machine and they really can’t.”

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David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress — the organization that is responsible for the investigative Planned Parenthood videos — spoke about the issue of defunding the organization. He said the American people are starting to see the light on abortion.

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“We’ve done some focus group testing in California, of all places, of moderate, mainstream, and non-partisan voters in California. You ask them, ‘Planned Parenthood — what comes to mind when you think of Planned Parenthood?’ The first thing they say is, ‘Oh, the whole selling of body parts thing.'”

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Andrew Walther of the Knights of Columbus spoke about the group’s new Marist-KofC poll relating to the abortion issue.

“The polling that we just released this week shows something very interesting. That is, when you ask someone if they are pro-life or pro-choice, you get a split. But people who identify as pro-life are overwhelmingly pro-life — 80+ or 90+ percent [want] restrictions on abortion … They are really solidly in the category they have selected.”

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Maureen Ferguson, a senior policy advisor from The Catholic Association, an organization based in Washington, D.C., spoke about the legislative plan for the pro-life movement.

“On the legislative front, it’s a really exciting time for the pro-life movement. We see that the defunding of Planned Parenthood — the nation’s largest chain of abortion clinics — is well on track. The House and Senate leadership have been fabulous spearheading that, and of course we have strong support from the administration.”

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