Late-Night Knives Are Out for Trump

Liberal hosts more revved up than usual

Donald Trump isn’t even sitting in the White House yet, but commentators and comedians have him and his policies in their sights. Among them are the always reliable liberal late-night hosts.

Here was Stephen Colbert on Monday night’s “Late Show”:

Colbert’s program is more biased than his previous Comedy Central show, “The Colbert Report.”

“Yesterday, Donald Trump tried to assure people currently covered by the law [the Affordable Care Act] that he has a plan. ‘It’s not going to be their plan. It will be another plan. But they will be beautifully covered.’ Oh, don’t worry, if you are losing your Obamacare, you will be beautifully covered. Either by insurance or six feet of dirt. Either way, just beautiful. So nice. So beautiful. We’re going to tramp the dirt down, we’ll tramp it down all smooth. It’s going to be beautiful.”

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Colbert’s CBS program has somehow managed to become more biased and more left-leaning than his previous Comedy Central show, “The Colbert Report,” which acted as a companion show to Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show.”

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Though Colbert promised before debuting as the “Late Show” host that he would be less political — he’s been the most Trump-obsessed of all the late-night hosts. In Colbert’s critique of the president-elect’s plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, he made no mention of skyrocketing health care costs, the loss of insurance due to Obamacare, the lack of choice in doctors, and so much more.

[lz_ndn video=31838345]

He also made no mention of Rep. Nancy Pelosi telling everyone in 2010 they needed to pass the ACA to actually see what was in it. It was OK then because, you know — Democrats and whatnot.

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Colbert may be leading the charge for late-night comedians to work nearly all of their material around Trump, but he’s certainly not alone.

There’s Seth Meyers, who recently got nice and cuddly with CNN’s Jake Tapper as the two droned on about Trump’s treatment of a CNN reporter at his recent press conference. There’s Jimmy Fallon, who took his Trump routine all the way to the Golden Globes.

On and on it goes. There’s Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show,” Chelsea Handler … these late-night figures can’t seem to start a sentence without uttering the name “Trump.” His swearing-in is not until Jan. 20, but as far as any of them are concerned, he’s been fair game for oh — most of their lives.

The treatment of Trump — Colbert suggesting he’s going to kill people is the tip of the iceberg — is in stark contrast to the treatment of the outgoing President Obama. Obama was able to “slow jam” the news with Jimmy Fallon and read “mean tweets” while ignoring his duties as president. He essentially got a free pass when it came to comedy as an industry keeping his power in check and giving him a good roasting every now and then.

In regard to the big wet kiss that late-night hosts served Obama for eight years, Handler — who hosts “Chelsea” on Netflix — told Variety in a Tuesday interview, “There was nothing to make fun of because he [Obama] was so responsible and such a leader.”

Nothing to make fun of? Was there no comedy in the president’s unfulfilled campaign promises, his constant whining about Republicans, his hypocritical actions with regard to the ongoing wars, his adding to the national debt, his campaign donations from those banks he’s always criticizing, his near-constant rubbing of shoulders with celebrities and fundraising in Hollywood — or his incessant golfing and taxpayer-funded parties and vacations?

Obama was recently partying with celebs like Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper until four in the morning while the country continued to crumble under many of his policies. Nothing to make fun of there, though.

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