Joyce Im Bartholomew: Singer and Pro-Life Advocate

Young musician breaks mold with her counter-cultural stance

Not many in today’s music industry have been brave enough to stand up for life — but singer and Youtube sensation Joyce Im Bartholomew is unlike the rest.

“I was more fearful about saying the word ‘abortion’ because it was much more unpopular back then to discuss that topic or even say that word. I received much more opposition,” she said in a statement this week about her pro-life views. “But I felt called to do this, especially because I had been a volunteer lay counselor at a pregnancy care center for many years, and this was many years ago.”

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“I did not enter the pro-life movement initially as a counselor ever imagining that I would be singing or speaking in a public way for life,” she continued. “I did it because I wanted to volunteer somewhere and this was where I felt led to do so. I never imagined that this was what God had in store for me. I just loved those girls and women.”

Her words come in a week capped by the 44th annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., attended by hundreds of thousands of pro-life believers and advocates from all across the nation.

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Bartholomew added, “This is all of God’s orchestration. It is amazing to see God work in our lives because only He knows the future.”

Clearly she isn’t afraid to shy away from deeply held principles — respecting life is a core part of her identity.

“We, as Christians in our culture, can impact and save lives within the pro-life movement by sponsoring free ultrasounds for pregnancy crisis centers across the nation. These centers, unlike Planned Parenthood, are not federally funded and rely solely on private funding from people and organizations.”

The young singer stands for life and for her Christian beliefs — and she’s working to inspire others to respect the right to life.