Ingraham: Trump Has ‘Better Pulse’ on American People Than ‘Moping’ Media

United States set to swear in an 'unlikely vessel' who channeled the will of the people

LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham lambasted “elite” and “moping” journalists for misreading the American people and mourning President-Elect Donald Trump’s impending inauguration Thursday on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

On the eve of Trump taking office, Ingraham and host Sean Hannity recalled how Trump — an “unlikely vessel” — succeeded in speaking to the American people’s hopes and fears by igniting their enthusiasm to rebuild America. Pointing out how the mainstream media elites and the defeated Democrats have been “moping around Washington” as the city prepares to celebrate and honor the peaceful transition of power, Ingraham said they were reaping what they sowed.

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“In this case, and this man, this unlikely vessel, we had someone who had a better pulse on the American people than all the elite journalists who were moping around Washington in the last few days — all the elite media, all the elites in Hollywood, in the financial community,” Ingraham said. “They all looked down on Trump, and by the same token, were looking down on the millions of people going to the rallies.”

Ingraham and Hannity reminisced about what it was like to see Trump first address 18 months ago, the “movement” they had been documenting for years on their respective radio shows — a “movement of economic populism, questioning these trade deals, having borders that matter, having immigration — but smart immigration.”

“All the things that Trump ran on — none of these other Republicans would really embrace that. They looked down upon those, they called them restrictionist, isolationist, protectionist — the Bushes called them that,” Ingraham said. “And Trump said, ‘You know something? I’m with the people. And I’m going to win Pennsylvania, I’m going to win Ohio.'”

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And he did — despite the media’s doubts and the elites’ scoffing.

Both Ingraham and Hannity said they had never seen anything like Trump’s campaign rallies with their sheer levels of passion and excitement.

“They were on fire,” Ingraham said of the American people. “And all [Trump’s] verbal slip-ups — I think people were willing to look past that because they knew that he loved America and he had the best interests of America at heart.”

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