Hannity: Trump Can’t Have Leakers Playing ‘Kindergarten Game’

Fox News host blasts anonymous sources feeding petty squabbles to the media

Fox News host Sean Hannity blasted senior White House officials and advisers to President Donald Trump who continue to leak information to the media in an effort to “undermine” the fledgling administration during an interview Tuesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

The “Hannity” host lambasted the leakers who spilled details first to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman for a weekend article and then to Washington Post reporters for a story published Monday evening. In those stories, the writers reported the Trump administration appears to be embroiled in petty rivalries and internal discord.

“And if you’re serving the public and you’re serving the people that put you there, then you ought not be involved in this petty, kindergarten game of ‘I want Daddy’s approval.'”

“I don’t like it either, and I think whoever is leaking, they better get a hold of this really, really quick. Because all it’s going to do is undermine if there’s not team effort here,” Hannity told LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham.

Saying that this sort of discord happens frequently in political campaigns, Hannity noted that it is not uncommon for internal discord followed by leaking to occur once a campaign has won and assumed political office.

“I understand the significance. It happens in campaigns. It happens when people finally win elections, is that everybody wants access,” Hannity said. “It’s all about access because that makes them feel big, important.”

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But it shouldn’t be about access, Hannity insisted, because all that petty squabbling only serves to undermine the Trump administration and distract the team from fulfilling the president’s campaign promises that he made to the American people.


“It’s not about access. Everybody’s got to remember that their job is to serve the people,” Hannity said. “And if you’re serving the public and you’re serving the people that put you there, then you ought not be involved in this petty, kindergarten game of ‘I want Daddy’s approval.'”

Ingraham agreed, saying that “undercutting people in public” serves no good purpose. Ingraham proceeded to reference the portions of The Post article claiming that some Trump advisers did not want Kellyanne Conway, now a counselor to the president, to have a role in the administration.

“Because Conway operates outside of the official communications department, some aides grumble that she can go rogue when she pleases, offering her own message and promoting herself as much as the president,” the article reads. “One suggested that Conway’s office on the second floor of the West Wing, as opposed to one closer to the Oval Office, was a sign of her diminished standing.”

Ingraham lampooned that kind of talk.

“If they want to debate inside of the family, that’s fine, but going out to the press and trash-talking Kellyanne or anyone else – I don’t like that. I’m just going to say it right now, I don’t like it,” Ingraham said. “They are accusing her of going rogue in other words, Sean.”

Ingraham mocked the leaking staffers and mimicked them as squabbling over such petty issues as, “‘My office is bigger than yours. My office is near the president’s. Your office is on the second floor.'”

“I worked in the White House with the greatest president ever, Ronald Reagan. I didn’t care about titles back then! It’s stupid,” Ingraham said.

Instead of speaking anonymously to the press, Hannity and Ingraham said the disgruntled staffers and advisers should put the interests of the nation first and work toward implementing the president’s vision — not undermining his administration during its first week in office.

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“You know, my take on Trump … is that he’s the guy that is really dedicated to the promises that he made. And I think he’s probably going to shock this city,” Hannity said. “And if he does it right, he’s going to open up a nerve center. And it’s going to be a raw nerve that’s exposed. And inside that nerve, he’s going to be pressing pain onto the Republican Establishment, the Democratic Establishment. And certainly we’ve already seen it with the media Establishment. If he does that, the people will cheer.”

And if the Trump administration truly wants the president to succeed, the staffers and advisers must choose unity over division, Hannity added.

“If Donald Trump is going to be a successful president, it will be a direct correlation to the promises he made on the campaign trail,” Hannity said. “If he does all those things, it will be in direct correlation to the promises he makes and keeps and whether he is a successful president. If he does all of those things, he could win 49 states in four years.”

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