‘Hamilton’ Creator Celebrates Terrorist

Broadway star will do a special 'show' for the convicted Lopez-Rivera — the hypocrisy never stops

Remember back in November when Vice President-Elect Mike Pence took his family to see the Broadway musical “Hamilton,” and the actor who plays Aaron Burr lectured and harassed him from the stage?

And remember Lin-Manual Miranda, creator of “Hamilton,” who applauded the highly irregular instance of that actor, Brandon Dixon, using the theatrical platform to deliver a broadside against the newly elected administration?

Miranda was “sobbing with gratitude” because Oscar Lopez-Rivera was “coming home.”

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Well, earlier this week, President Obama granted 209 commutations and 64 pardons in one day. Most of us focused on the commutation of Chelsea Manning’s sentence. The U.S. Army private, who was serving 35 years for leaking thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, now will get out in May.

But for Miranda — Manning wasn’t the most important name on the list.

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No, Miranda was celebrating the fact that convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera was being released from prison.

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Miranda is the son of native Puerto Ricans. Lopez-Rivera is a Puerto Rican terrorist who spent much of the 1970s blowing up bombs at government buildings, corporate headquarters, and even phone booths around American cities — while earning the respect of leaders such as former President Jimmy Carter and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Thanks to President Obama, Lopez-Rivera’s time in prison will come to an end on May 17. He has spent over 30 years behind bars.

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In a tweet, Miranda told New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito to tell Lopez-Rivera, “I’ve got a show for him in Chicago. It’ll be my honor to play Hamilton the night he goes.”

Miranda also tweeted, “Sobbing with gratitude here in London. OSCAR LOPEZ RIVERA IS COMING HOME. THANK YOU, @POTUS.”

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Lopez-Rivera was a leader of the FALN Marxist Puerto Rico terrorist group, which claimed responsibility for more than 120 domestic bombings, resulting in several dead, dozens injured, and millions of dollars in property damage. He used his apartment to coordinate bomb-making efforts.

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To the Left, he is a “political prisoner” on par — according to some — with Nelson Mandela. Lopez-Rivera saw America as imperialist and became a community organizer in Chicago, fighting for Puerto Rican independence and stirring criminal and violent protests.

In 1975, his group bombed the historic Fraunces Tavern restaurant in New York City, where George Washington bid farewell to his troops in 1783.

Lopez-Rivera’s violence has had a real impact. Joe Connor, who was just nine years old when his father was killed at that restaurant while having lunch, can’t believe people consider Lopez-Rivera a freedom fighter — as opposed to the terrorist Connor believes him to be.

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“I’m disgusted by what the president did. It’s a travesty,” Connor told Fox News about the commutation. “What we hear is that Oscar Lopez-Rivera did not get to know his family. Well, neither did my father.”

The bombing case was never solved and Lopez-Rivera denied involvement, but the FBI linked the attack to an apartment where Lopez-Rivera had dynamite materials.

So the creator of the show whose cast attacked the vice president-elect, his daughters, and nieces after a Broadway performance is now overjoyed that a terrorist murderer is getting out of prison and able to “come home.” Mike Pence was worth a public tongue-lashing — but Lopez-Rivera deserves a special “Hamilton” performance dedicated just to him?

Miranda likely knows little of Joe Connor or what it’s like to lose a father at age nine because someone is making trouble over the politics of Puerto Rico. For that matter, he probably doesn’t know the extent of the tragedies Lopez-Rivera has visited on innocent families such as the Connors.

This callous disregard for human life, this prioritizing of leftist terrorists and their quests for “freedom” over life-and-death matters for the American people, this stream of outsized continued outbursts of frustration with the long-finalized election results … these are the values voters rejected when they chose Donald J. Trump over Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8, 2016.

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