Entertainment Elites’ Unending Hyperventilation

With their incessant cries of 'fight Trump,' they're embarrassing themselves and losing America

It would not be surprising to learn that the sick teenagers who kidnapped that poor young man in Chicago and tortured him for being white saw the incredibly pathetic ad that Hollywood elitists put out a week ago — telling everyone to resist Trump.

While I don’t know this for sure, it is not out of line to suggest a connection, however tenuous, between the two events. Why? Because the four African-American suspects in the kidnapping and torture of the special-needs teen talked about Donald Trump as they committed their despicable deeds. Elite Hollywood actors have become the self-appointed spokespeople for all things political as they urge others, no matter who they are, to “fight back” against our president-elect, to disrupt him and his agenda at every chance possible.

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First of all, who are these actors? I barely recognized Sally Fields in the video ad and was frankly a little shocked the Flying Nun would align herself with such a hateful, venom-filled rant that is based on fear, marginalized statements, and a chilling desire to shut down free speech and malign millions of people who disagree with “Sally” and her friends.

Hollywood, the world does not revolve around you.

We fought a war in Germany against people like these entertainment elites. Back then, people thought they were so clever in labeling a group of people they found despicable, forcing them to wear yellow stars. They loved terrorizing this class of people, which they thought had no right to self-expression and involvement in the marketplace of ideas. They treated these people the same way those young people in Chicago treated that young man they kidnapped and tortured.

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No one wants to be associated with a bully — yet that’s what these elitists are positioning themselves and their fellow actors to be. They are treating anyone who disagrees with them the way their party of Democrats treated newly emancipated slaves in the South. They are like the Democrats who lost the Civil War as they worked to keep slavery alive.

All of the state legislatures in the South were suddenly run by Republicans, including freed slaves; this drove the Democrats crazy. They could not stand the will of the people, the outcome of a war, the righteous cause of liberty beating them at the polls. People today are acting the same way their ancestors did in the face of choosing liberty vs. oppression. These actors — every one of them a solid Democrat — are reenacting the old Democrat playbook in which they would not accept the reality of the Union’s victory, the elections that followed, and the fact that blacks were now leaders and full participants in society.

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Democrats today share a legacy with those who instituted the Jim Crow laws to keep black Republicans from voting, because every single black in America at that time was a Republican. They had been liberated from the chains of oppression by Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president. They owed him and the party their very lives and existence.

So Democrats knew that if an entire class of people could be identified by the color of their skin, they could keep them from voting by instituting poll taxes, literacy tests, and other qualifications that a recently freed slave could not possibly pass.

The lie that has been generated by the Left for years is that whites kept blacks from voting. No, it was white Democrats who were keeping black Republicans from voting — and they have successfully lied about the true history of the civil rights movement in America and marginalized and maligned any black who does not stay on their liberal “plantation.”

These elitists are riding that same historic wave of oppression, marginalization, and demonization to get their point across. These people who have carved out successful businesses and careers for themselves want to pull the ladder up behind them and their heady group of elitists, all of whom think the world should be made in their image and only their belief system should be allowed to exist.

Hey, guys in Hollywood: America is not Nazi Germany, it’s not North Korea, it’s not an ISIS training camp. It’s not any other oppressive regime that rewards one group of people for licking their boots and using those same boots to kick anyone who disagrees with them. You think that is Donald Trump? Get a mirror. You are embarrassing yourselves. The world does not revolve around you.

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Elitists in Hollywood need to take a deep breath before they totally and completely destroy any chance of resurrecting their failed careers. This stunt will do nothing but alienate the people they have placed in Hillary’s same basket of “deplorables.” They have created a hostile work environment in Hollywood for people who disagree with them. They’ve made it clear that anyone who could possibly support Trump will not work in their little ivory tower, and they will do whatever they can to destroy them and their lives.

How tolerant is that? How open-minded and progressive is that? Seriously, they need to listen to themselves.

No one likes a bully. No one likes to be told what to do, what to believe and how to behave; no one likes to be ridiculed, called deplorable, or told their views are not allowed and will be punished if expressed. It is so odd that not one of these entertainment elitists have been in a commercial condemning radical terrorists who are setting off bombs, cutting off heads, driving trucks into crowds, or shooting up gay night clubs.

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I would suggest a meeting with the director, the script writer, and the producer to try to decide exactly what the message is here. Sorry, but it is just not working. America is shaking our heads at the cluelessness of these uninformed entertainers who lack the philosophical curiosity to understand how their words stand in stark contrast with what they claim to believe.

Hollywood, your hypocrisy flag is flying really high — like the Flying Nun used to before she became a bully.

Nina May is a writer, producer, and director, and currently the showrunner on “Daily Bread,” a faith-based post-apocalyptic drama.

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