DiGenova: Yates Is a ‘Political Hack’

Former U.S. attorney warns State and Justice Departments are 'cesspools' of 'anti-Trumpism'

Former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova called the acting attorney general fired by President Donald Trump “a political hack” and “a person of the extreme Left” whose “insubordination was imminently predictable” during an interview Tuesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

DiGenova, a former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia in the Reagan administration, praised Trump for firing Sally Yates Monday evening after the Obama administration holdover official ordered the Justice Department to stand down over Trump’s executive order. Claiming that Yates’ termination was “inevitable,” diGenova wondered why Trump allowed her to stay in her position so long.

“This is a person of the extreme Left who should not have been anywhere near the decision-making process for this president.”

“This was inevitable. Anybody who knew Sally Yates knew she was a political hack. And, in fact — people were reporting to the administration last week that she was seeking to undermine the president’s initiatives,” diGenova told LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham. “Why in the hell was she still there? Why did they keep her?”

Saying that “Rule One” of any new administration is to “remove politicians in charge of agencies from the other administration,” diGenova reprimanded the Trump administration for failing to replace Yates earlier.

Although Democrats cried foul over Trump’s swift action to fire Yates, diGenova said that rumblings of Yates’ insubordination were well-known throughout the Justice Department.

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“That information was sent to them, and the reason she was fired so quickly was because people inside the department were reporting that she was being a recalcitrant, she was verbally saying things to the staff about not following the president’s directive,” diGenova said. “She was insubordinate. She deserved to fired. What she did was disgraceful. Of course she doesn’t view it that way — because she is, in fact, a political hack.”

Saying that the Trump administration needed to continue to weed out the departments and agencies from “Obama holdovers,” diGenova said the president could have them reassigned and detailed elsewhere if it was done in an “aggressive” and “professional” manner.

“You have to simply weigh to yourself, why would you keep someone who was so political and so dangerous and so likely to do — you could have predicted that this would come to pass. And in fact, it was unbelievably predictable. Her insubordination was imminently predictable,” diGenova said. “This is a person of the extreme Left who should not have been anywhere near the decision-making process for this president.”

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Noting that the Justice Department wasn’t the only agency struggling with insubordination and backstabbing, diGenova warned Trump’s incoming secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson to “watch out.”

“The next person who had better watch out is Rex Tillerson. The Department of State is a cesspool of anti-Trumpism,” diGenova said. “The people at the State Department believe in elections for other countries, but not ours,” he added.

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