As Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States, even the Girl Scouts — who have marched in inaugural parades for over 100 years — find themselves the target of liberal whining. Angry leftists have taken to social media and threatened to boycott the organization (and their cookies) if the scouts march on Friday.

Liberals still aren’t getting it. Respecting the inauguration is about respecting democracy and the office of the presidency, even if one doesn’t care for the next inhabitant. Ironically, the same liberals who were angry when Trump did not immediately agree to accept the results of the election during the campaign are now are showing it is they who struggle with acceptance — and reality.

Seventy-five lucky members of the Nation’s Capital Council of the Girl Scouts of America are planning to take part in the parade, along with members of other organizations, as The Washington Post reported.

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Many of the whiny progressives say the girls should not march,  considering Trump’s “comments about women and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence’s strong antiabortion views,” noted The Post.

So, unable to accept reality, these unhinged progressives tried to jam the Girl Scouts’ phone lines. How adult of them.

“Like any good nonprofit, they’ve got a public phone number that you can call … and call and call and call until you’re heard,” advised “This is probably the number one way to protest the Girl Scouts’ participation in the inaugural parade.”

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“The news that the Girl Scouts are sending a contingent to participate in Donald Trump’s inauguration filled me with real rage,” Jean Hannah Edelstein, a former Girl Scout, wrote in The Guardian. She also said, “Yes, it’s a tradition: They’ve marched at inauguration for decades. But does tradition justify collaboration with an administration that promises to oppress the young women it’s supposed to serve?”

“Trump does not mirror the Girl Scout values we try to instill in our scouts,” Brooklyn-based Scout leader Nancy Gannon told NBC News, according to The Post. “He does not respect girls or women, either. I am outraged at this decision.”

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Amid all the detractors were some supporters. Some argued it should be an individual decision, while others encouraged everyone to allow the marchers to enjoy the historic occasion.

The Girl Scouts of America responded to the hullaballoo with a statement on Facebook: “Girl Scouts of the USA supports girls of every ideal, belief, opinion, and political ideology, because EVERY girl has a home in Girl Scouts. Our fundamental and foundational value is to provide girls the resources they need to take the lead. That means providing girls with the courage, confidence, and character to lift up their voices, champion their views, and be advocates for the issues and ideas important to them.”

It might be too logical for outraged feminists to follow, but where was the outrage over Bill Clinton?

In a statement to Fox News, the national organization went further, writing, “Being truly non-partisan means that we keep our focus on the girls. It means that we go where they lead. It means we can no more turn our back on 75 girls who have chosen to participate in the peaceful transition of power any more than we can on the thousands of girls participating in Women’s Marches the next day.”

“The fact is, people often use Girl Scouts as an outlet to try to make a political statement,” it continued. “We are girl-led and girl-driven, and our job, our mission, is to empower them to make their own choices, and express their own views.”

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It might be too logical for outraged feminists to follow, but where was the outrage over Bill Clinton?

There’s only one thing for sensible Americans to do in the face of such liberal lunacy: Relax and enjoy a Thin Mint — if you’ve got ‘em.