Hundreds of thousands of women who object to President Donald Trump — many wearing pink knit hats that were referred to as “Vagina Hats” — marched through downtown Washington, D.C.

They also mobbed the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston Saturday afternoon.

Celebrities couldn’t resist the temptation to hog the spotlight and make the marches political and divisive.

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Celebrities, of course, couldn’t resist the temptation to hog the spotlight and turn the marches political and divisive.

Filmmaker Michael Moore was in attendance at one march, having stayed on in New York after the celebrity protest of the inauguration he attended alongside folks like Robert De Niro and Alec Baldwin. This time he was with Ashley Judd and, in a curious display of strength, took to ripping in half an issue of The Washington Post that declared Trump’s presidency in front of the crowd.

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He shouted to a salivating crowd, “We are here to vow to end the Trump carnage!”

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Madonna, who back in October offered oral sex to anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton, let the expletives fly at the Washington march.

“To our detractors, who say this march will not amount to anything. f*** you,” Madonna said, cursing twice more in her speech. “Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged,” she continued. “Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

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She added to that, “But I know that won’t change anything.” She finished her talk by doing a call and response with the audience, chanting, “We choose love.”

Wait. She suggested blowing up the White House — and then insisted she was choosing love? If a Republican had suggested as much over the last eight years, that person surely would have been cuffed and questioned by the Secret Service and ripped apart by the mainstream media.

Madonna’s words weren’t set to music and there was no choreography. This was said aloud to thousands of people, some of whom might concur and not have the necessary filter to stave off such impulses.

Chants from crowds included, “Women united will never be defeated” and, “When women’s rights are under attack, what do we do, stand up, fight back.” Some carried banners with messages such as “Girl Power vs. Trump Tower” and “Dump the Trump.”

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Also at the Washington women’s march was actress America Ferrera, who chose to be just as divisive as her fellow celebs. The actress, who had previously spoken at the last Democratic National Convention, said, “A platform of hate and division assumed power yesterday.” Not exactly unifying words that look to a brighter future for the country.

Left-leaning celebrities on Saturday did what they do best — they hijacked and hogged the spotlight. Madonna, Michael Moore, America Ferrera and others chose to take their platforms and promote divisiveness, profanity, anger, even veiled violence.

Whatever genuine concerns some protesters may have had were aggressively overshadowed by opportunist leftist celebrities looking for attention and looking to stoke the fires of division.