Can This Family Be Saved?

Post-election, it's time to heal divisions within households — and conservatives may need to make the first move

Some members of your family probably cheered and applauded when Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president on Friday.

Different members probably cheered and applauded watching the Women’s March that occurred the next day.

Still other members cared for neither. Many of the people in this category were termed “Never-Trumpers” during the election season. Conservatives, let’s unite now that the election is over — and perhaps the more liberal members of our families will follow suit.

Put aside the hatred, the bitterness, the hurt feelings.

“Never-Trumper” moms and dads, grandparents and kids, you need to come back into the fold and the clear majority of Republican and conservative voters. I am very hopeful you will see what I see: The most important part of Trump’s campaign was his message — not his personality or his past. It was about his love of our country and his recognition of the “forgotten man.”

President Trump was not elected because he was the last Republican nominee standing. He was elected because our country had taken a drastic turn in the wrong direction, and millions of Americans wanted to reverse that course. Think only about his promises and goals. If his objectives differ from yours — it is understandable that he does not have your support. I am not asking that you blindly follow and support whatever President Trump does. I am only asking that you do not hinder him solely to be an obstructionist.

Before Donald Trump even entered the campaign, the frustration of the working man was already growing to the point of political revolution. Millions of Americans were and are working night and day to take care of our families, and we grew tired of the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who backed down from every Democratic threat. We witnessed the Left’s attacks on those things we hold dear: religion, individual responsibility, Second Amendment rights, and our men in uniform, both military and police.

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We saw our southern border become a freeway for anyone who wanted to come into our country, including criminals and drug-runners. We watched our health care system be consumed by a government that rarely does anything correctly, and never cost-efficiently. We saw our debt increase by $9.3 trillion with no plans to pay it down or reduce our spending. We watched as genders suddenly became merely a “choice.” Our values and beliefs were constantly under attack.

When 18 candidates threw their hat into the ring for the Republican nomination, we knew it would get ugly before one emerged victorious. Houses and families were divided from the start. Many of the announced candidates were already considered RINOs. Some had zero chance before they even started. From the beginning, there were only a few who had a serious opportunity to win the nomination. Of those few, only one was from a nonpolitical background. He spoke his mind and stood his ground against the media who challenged him. He felt the pulse of the people and knew their issues.

The responsibility to unite falls to all of us who believe in Ronald Reagan’s vision for our country.

As a Trump supporter, I apologize for any of the mean or inappropriate things I said during the campaign. I truly am sorry for letting my frustrations get the best of me. I urge all others like me to do the same. Put aside the hatred, the bitterness, the hurt feelings. Thankfully, my household was united in support of Trump. Some had a much more difficult time in their families.

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Shouldn’t we all stick together — both as a nation and in our homes — to help make those things happen?

To the Never-Trumpers, ignore the media, which will never give President Trump a fair shake. Deep down inside, you know them for what they really support: liberalism. Ignore the paid “grassroot” protests that have been advertised through Craigslist and funded by leftist, anti-American and globalist groups. Ignore the un-American protests of congressmen who mocked our peaceful transfer of power by boycotting the inauguration ceremony.

I ask only that you give President Trump an opportunity to do what he has promised. Those commitments are what the clear majority of conservatives and Republicans have always wanted for our country. If we reunite, perhaps liberals will at least listen to what our president has to say. Shouldn’t we all stick together — both as a nation and in our homes — to help make those things happen?

John Cylc is an eight-year U.S. Army veteran and lives with his family in eastern Tennessee. His primary advocacy is promoting and protecting Second Amendment rights.

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