Anti-Trump Protests Turn Desperate, Violent

Left-wingers seek chaos on Inauguration Day, chain themselves across entrance

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The extreme and violent actions of those protesting Donald Trump’s inauguration demonstrate the Left’s unprecedented willingness to challenge the very foundations of the American republic.

Protesters chained themselves together outside of the entrance to the inauguration on Friday morning in an attempt to prevent attendees from gaining access to the event. An unnamed bystander sent a photograph of the protest to LifeZette.

Protesters chain themselves together to block the entrance to the National Mall for the inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump.

A fight between protesters and pro-Trump bikers also broke outside of the barricades. Meanwhile, anarchist protesters are marching through DC, after having burned a Trump-Pence flag and a “Blue Lives Matter” flag, RT reported.

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As footage captured by LifeZette shows, the protesters are becoming increasingly violent: damaging cars, smashing windows, and grappling with police. Police are using pepper spray against the protesters.

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Friday’s violence comes in the wake of an anti-Trump protest on Thursday night which also descended into chaos.

Radical activists protesting the “DeploraBall” — the official “Alt-Right” inauguration ball — clashed with police and attacked Trump supporters.

The mayhem fully erupted after police sprayed pepper spray on the unruly crowd, which then attempted to break through the ring of police protecting the event and its attendees.

“At one point, a Trump supporter was seen being punched multiple times in the head by masked protesters,” TMZ reported live from the scene.

Another Trump supporter, 21-year-old James Allsup, was hit in the head with a flagpole. “I was wearing my ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, and a white male came up behind me and swung at me with a flagpole,” Allsup told Fox News.

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“I kind of blacked out for a minute,” he said. “Before I knew it my head was gushing blood — there’s blood on my Trump hat.”

One passerby was struck with a thrown bottle, and protesters also set fires outside the event and damaged a parked motorcycle, CNN reported. “My boyfriend and I attended the DeploraBall,” Virginia resident Sarah Hylander told LifeZette.

“I was shoved and screamed at,” Hylander said. “Two people were punched … [and] some guy got hit in the head and was bleeding profusely,” she continued.

The radical, violent actions of these protesters — or more accurately rioters — are an unprecedented assault against the foundations of the American political system on the day a new president is set to take office. The Left is directly challenging not only the will of millions of voters across the country, but also the country’s entire electoral system itself.

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