Watch: Trump Supporter Berated by Enraged Liberals

Leftists lash out at backer of the president-elect trying to work in apartment common area

There’s a video making the rounds of a man being taunted and ridiculed for wearing a “#BuildTheWall” T-shirt while working on a computer in the common area of his California apartment building. The man is confronted by two fellow tenants offended by his shirt.

The tenants proceed to harass the man, telling him he’s a “racist” and a “f***ing d***head,” and warning him, “Don’t wear s**t like that around here.”

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What’s most impressive in the video is the man’s endless restraint as he simply repeats, “Please leave me alone … I’d rather not discuss anything with you.” The tenants ignore the man’s requests and continue to berate him throughout the 10-minute video.

It’s rude and shameful treatment — made all the more offensive for the obvious hypocrisy. If the man had been wearing a pro-illegal immigration T-shirt, his fellow tenants would have left him alone. By targeting the man simply for his political beliefs, the other tenants are legitimizing the practice of political persecution. Their behavior constitutes an implicit endorsement of the right to bully any individual who does not conform to presumed standards of thought or behavior. And so, they are in effect saying that it’s okay to harass an LGBT person, or a Hillary Clinton supporter, or someone of a particular religious faith.

It’s long been a bedrock tenet of American democracy that minority groups should be protected from the majority, and that freedom to dissent is an accepted use of one’s First Amendment rights. However, the bullying documented in the video is the latest example of mad liberals no longer respecting individual freedom and the rights of minorities.

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