Trump: ‘We Have Exposed the Credibility of the Press’

President-elect storms Louisiana to stump for GOP Senate candidate locked in heated runoff

President-Elect Donald Trump made one of his first post-election campaign stops in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to stump for John Kennedy, the state treasurer who won a heated primary in the race for the open U.S. Senate seat.

Because Kennedy did not get more than 50 percent of the vote on Election Day, he will face Democrat Foster Campbell in Saturday’s runoff election. Louisiana will also host two congressional races.

“We fight for other countries so they can have borders,” Trump told the crowd. “But we don’t fight for our own borders.”

Kennedy faces an aggressive campaign by Campbell, who is trying to wage a populist campaign against the Republican treasurer.

So Republicans sent in the cavalry.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant warmed up the crowd as they waited for Trump by noting MSNBC and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi did not like the election results.

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“They’re screaming like a hog under a gate,” Bryant said.

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While introducing Trump, Kennedy took some lively shots at Campbell.

“He’s liberal. I’m a conservative,” said Kennedy. “In fact, I don’t mean to be rude, but if you took Secretary Clinton and turned her upside down and shook her, Foster Campbell would fall out of her pocket.”

The crowd roared as Kennedy noted his opponent supported Democrat Hillary Clinton for president.

Trump got a strong reception from the hundreds at the Baton Rouge airport hangar.

Then he got out some of his key points, indicating he is not pivoting toward more liberal policies as some pundits predicted.

Trump said he would secure the southern border and halt the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs across the Rio Grande.

“We fight for other countries so they can have borders,” Trump told the crowd. “But we don’t fight for our own borders.”

Trump then listed his plans for reforms. He said he would cut middle-class taxes; cut the corporate tax rate; establish new ethics rules for Washington, D.C.; halt immigration from problem nations; establish “safe zones” for refugees in their home regions; and “knock out” the Islamic State.

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He took the opportunity to blast “cost overruns” in federal contracts, likely referring to the $4 billion costs he claimed Boeing wants for two new Air Force One planes for the White House.

Trump also said he would renegotiate trade deals.

“Right now … we have stupid trade,” said Trump.

While talking about business and trade policy, Trump then bashed the business press for suggesting he would impose a tax on imports. But before he could go on, the crowd booed mention of the media.

Trump paused, and then made an observation.

“One thing we have done,” said Trump. “We have exposed the credibility of the press. They have the lowest credibility of anybody.”

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