She’s Been at College All Semester, but Her Dog Is Still Waiting for Her

Border collie listens for same school bus that brought his best bud home every day

Dogs can be heartbreakingly loyal, funny, amazing, and sweet.

That is certainly the case with Bo the border collie mix. This guy still waits to greet his owner when he hears the school bus gears churn — even though she’s no longer in high school. She went off to college months ago.

Carly Dunn, an 18-year-old from Duluth, Georgia, began classes at Georgia State University in August. She recently tweeted a screenshot of a text her dad sent her of Bo waiting for her to come home. Since then, her tweet has received more than 58,000 likes and 23,000 re-tweets.

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Carly’s family got Bo at the end of her sophomore year in high school, when the dog was just a pup, as The Huffington Post noted. The two bonded over their shared summers, when Dunn was at home all day long while her parents were at work.

“He’s so cute … Any time I leave the house, he gets so sad,” Dunn told The Huffington Post.

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“And when I walk upstairs to go to my room, he looks at me like I’m giving him for adoption and watches me walk all the way into my room. My parents said that after I go in my room he runs over to them and gets depressed.”

Bo got so attached to Dunn that when she went back to school in the fall a year ago as a high school kid, he quickly learned to associate the loud sound of the school bus with her return home. When he heard the bus, he’d run to the window and wait for her to get off — then run to greet her at the door.

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“He’s a character!” Dunn said. “He’s also extremely smart. We never trained him but ever since he was a puppy he would run over and stand at the front door whenever he had to go outside.”

After Dunn’s finals are over on Dec. 8, she’s going straight home for the holidays.

“I’m planning on recording it,” she told The Huffington Post of her downtime with Bo. “I’ll probably take him to the dog park or go for a ride because those are his two favorite things in the world.”

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