Schoolkids in U.K. Won’t Be Able to Say ‘Boy’ and ‘Girl’ Anymore

Innocent kindergarteners will now be spoonfed gender neutrality and other progressive notions

If you’ve never heard the term “panromantic,” you’re not alone.

Yet British schoolchildren will soon become familiar with the term — meaning someone who pursues relationships with all gender identities — through a progressive new program.

Even kindergarteners know that biologically, there are boys and girls — period.

School kids as young as seven will be instructed to stop using the words “boys” and “girls” and instead use words like “genderqueer” and “intersex.” A new guidebook, “Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity?” will be handed out in 120 schools across the U.K. next month. It warns teachers, students and parents away from language that signals there are only two biological genders.

Parents on both sides of the pond should be duly alarmed. “I was flat-out told that if I didn’t like the sex-ed curriculum in my child’s ninth-grade class, perhaps we were more of a ‘private school family,'” said one Massachusetts mother of three. “Remember, my taxes are paying for the school where they [the administrators] work, the school they are basically disinviting us from.”

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The guidebook describes boys who feel like boys and girl who feel like girls as “cisgender” — the opposite of “transgender” — and nixes the words “ladies” and “gents,” according to the Daily Mail and other outlets.

The book is distributed by Educate & Celebrate, a progressive charity funded by the British taxpayer. Passages from the book provide confusion, not clarity.

“The use of language in general throughout the school should … veer away from the idea that there are only two genders,” notes the guidebook. “Using such language as ‘boys and girls’ or ‘ladies and gents’ is not only exclusionary to trans-identified and gender-variant young people, but subtly reinforces that gender is a significant difference about behavior patterns.”

How are children supposed to learn anything when they are presented with concepts that fly in the face of reality? Even kindergarteners know that biologically, there are boys and girls — period. Liberal educators are seeking to make gender a subjective issue, with “feelings” trumping common sense and factual reality.

The guidebook relates the story of a fictional 12-year-old who is “transitioning” from female to male — and who uses hormone blockers to stop the onset of puberty. The book features a gender-neutral unicorn — with a star in place of genitalia.

This harmful liberal agenda is here in the U.S., by the way: A year from now, in the fall of 2017, Washington State public schools will begin teaching “gender expression” to young kids under newly approved health education standards that designate sexual health a “core idea” of public K-12 education.

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“Self-identity” education is to begin in kindergarten, where students will be expected to “understand there are many ways to express gender.”

“If you still need a nightlight and prefer a sippy cup, I think you’re a bit young to learn about gender expression,” observed one Massachusetts mom. “I can’t imagine how confusing all of this is going to be for little kids.”

There is a solution. While on his “Decision America” tour this year, Franklin Graham, the evangelist and founder of Samaritan’s Purse, called on Christians to run for local office — including the nation’s school boards. It could begin to stem the tide of progressive ideology that does not enlighten children, but confuses them.

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