School Cancels ‘A Christmas Carol’ Over Tiny Tim’s Message of Faith

Kowtowing to the minority, administrators curtail a community tradition

In yet another case of the vocal minority getting its way, a Pennsylvania elementary school in Lancaster County is reportedly canceling its production of the classic story, “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.

And it’s all because Tiny Tim said, “God bless us, every one.” (What was the cute little lad thinking, referencing God at Christmas?)

“One little line shouldn’t ruin it for every kid,” said one parent.

Two parents in the Centerville Elementary School community in East Hempstead reportedly objected to the famous line of dialogue in the Christmas classic, leading the principal to cancel the entire play, parents told local reporters.

“I was very surprised because it’s [been] going on for decades and it’s a tradition at the school that everyone looks forward to,” resident Jane Burkhart told TV station WHTM.

Like many in this small devout community, she was frustrated by the decision.

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“One little line shouldn’t ruin it for every kid,” Burkhart said. “Charles Dickens is a ‘class’ author, not a religious author.”

Aside from sharing faith, “A Christmas Carol” teaches other good themes — kindness, forgiveness, charity, redemption. What child couldn’t use a little more education about those?

Apparently many adults still need instruction, too. Confusion abounds as the principal said the decision is one about respect — and also a packed educational schedule.

“We understand that some parents are upset that the play was cancelled, but we have heard from families on both ends of the spectrum, including those who expressed appreciation that the play, as it had traditionally been prepared and delivered, was cancelled,” said principal Tom Kramer in a statement.


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Kramer also said the school’s decision is “rooted in the desire to be respectful of the many cultural and religious backgrounds represented by the students.” But he also noted that producing a play takes away instruction time from the kids.

“I hate to see traditions taken away in my own community,” Randy Wenger, a constitutional attorney who lives in the area, told Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes.

Wenger also said East Hempstead is in the center of a very conservative area in Pennsylvania, near Amish country. “What does this communicate to our kids? It says anything religious is really not appropriate in public life,” he told Starnes.

From decisions like this one — a knee-jerk reaction to a vocal few, as opposed to a belief in and a commitment to bedrock education standards — our kids are learning the wrong things. Instead of respecting the majority, this school has taught its young students that even in matters of long-standing tradition, the squeaky, politically correct wheel gets the grease.

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