“Like millions of people in Germany, I am shocked and very saddened at the Breitscheidplatz [attack] in Berlin,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in an official statement Tuesday morning.

Merkel — one might be tempted to think — is being disingenuous. Indeed, the notion that Merkel could be “shocked” by a terrorist attack on German soil nearly two full years into a Muslim migrant crisis that she herself largely facilitated strains even the most generous credulity to its limits.

“How many more people must die at the hands of Islamic extremists before our governments close our porous borders and stop taking in thousands of illegal immigrants?”

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“It would be very difficult for us to learn that a human being who came to Germany to ask for refuge and asylum committed this deed,” Merkel continued. “It would be terrible for all Germans who are very active, day by day, in helping asylum-seekers and refugees. It would be despicable for those who are helping people who came to this country asking for our help,” she said.

Although the identity of the attacker has not been confirmed, past experience and some law enforcement actions in the wake of the attack suggest strongly a Muslim migrant connection.

Merkel’s claim that it “would be very difficult” for her to learn that the attack was a Muslim migrant appears to be mere virtue signaling. Clearly, there have been previous attacks on European soil by Muslim migrants in the past, and Merkel is surely aware of them.

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On Nov. 13, 2015, radical Islamic terrorists attacked various locations in Paris with explosives and firearms. Some had entered Europe as refugees. In September 2016, Belgian police officers in Molenbeek were stabbed by a radical Muslim migrant.

In Merkel’s own country, there were three separate attacks committed by Muslim migrants in less than 10 days in July of this year. On July 18, 2016, a Pakistani asylum-seeker attacked passengers on a train with an ax. On July 24, a Syrian refugee murdered a pregnant women in Reutlingen, Germany. On July 27, another Syrian refugee — Mohammad Daleel — blew himself up in Ansbach, Germany.

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What makes Merkel’s public condolences all the more despicable is the fact that not only did Merkel invite in one of the greatest threats Europe has ever seen, she did little to minimize that threat once it arrived.

“When will the German state of law strike back? When will this cursed hypocrisy finally stop? These are Merkel’s dead!” tweeted Marcus Pretzell, a member of the European Parliament representing AfD, Germany’s right-wing populist party. Pretzell’s comments have received criticism from liberal globalists, but they aren’t wrong.

It is inescapable fact that German authorities have long known the migrant crisis carried within it the threat of Islamic terror. “The terror threat now stems from foreign hit teams as well as fanatical lone wolves in Germany,” Thomas de Maiziere, the country’s interior minister, told German press in October.

“The hit teams are secretly smuggled into Europe and prepare their actions without being noticed, as we saw with the attacks in Paris and Brussels,” said the minister, who also noted there were at least 520 “potential attackers” in the country.

Not only were German authorities well aware that the mass of Muslim migrants swarming the continent posed a significant security threat, they also knew that the country’s Christmas celebrations were a specifically enticing and soft target — and apparently did nothing to specially protect them.

“According to sources of my colleagues @welt, authorities in Berlin in recent days had info about possible attack against Christmas market,” tweeted Clemens Wergin, Washington bureau chief for the German newspaper Die Welt on Monday night.

But Wergin need not have spoken with his colleagues to establish that Christmas markets were a target. That much has been public knowledge since at least mid-November, when the U.S. State Department issued a travel advisory warning Americans to be vigilant in Europe.

“The Department of State alerts U.S. citizens to the heightened risk of terrorist attacks throughout Europe, particularly during the holiday season. U.S. citizens should exercise caution at holiday festivals, events, and outdoor markets,” the alert reads.”Credible information indicates the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or Da’esh), al-Qaida, and their affiliates continue to plan terrorist attacks in Europe, with a focus on the upcoming holiday season and associated events,” it continued.

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Having encouraged mass Muslim migration into Europe in the first place, Merkel and politicians like her are partly responsible for acts of Islamic terrorism occurring in Europe — however, by failing to take any strong measures to address that very threat they themselves imported, Merkel has invited criticism for becoming complicit in those attacks.

“Everyone knows that jihadists are entering Europe by posing as refugees,” Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s Front National, said on Tuesday. “How many more people must die at the hands of Islamic extremists before our governments close our porous borders and stop taking in thousands of illegal immigrants?” she asked.