Liberals still distraught over the impending Trump presidency are trying a new tactic to defame the president-elect’s team and derail his transition process — hysterical cries of “homophobia.”

Having resigned themselves to the fact that slandering Trump associates such as Steve Bannon as white supremacists isn’t working, liberals are now trying stir up resistance by tarnishing members of the Trump team as anti-gay.

“Louder voices have sent a message that they do not intend to tolerate the views of one half of the country. This intolerance has taken on some bizarre forms.”

Of course, it is patently absurd to suggest that Donald Trump is himself in any way homophobic or hateful toward homosexuals. Peter Thiel, the openly gay Silicon Valley billionaire, is on the executive committee of Trump’s transition team.

Trump was also seriously considering Richard Grenell, former Bush administration spokesman at the U.N., for the position of U.N. ambassador before choosing Gov. Nikki Haley. Grenell is also openly gay.

Trying to depict Trump himself as anti-gay is an exercise doomed to fail, which is why liberals are going after his team — singling out domestic policy Chair Ken Blackwell; Kay Cole James and Ed Meese, co-chairs of the transition team’s management and budget affairs; Ken Klukowski, a policy adviser; and education secretary pick Betsy DeVos for their ties to the conservative Family Research Council.

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“Trump’s Transition Team Is All Tied Up With Anti-Gay Pseudoscience,” claims a headline in WIRED, while the homosexual news and lifestyle website Towleroad bemoans the fact that the “Anti-Gay Family Research Council Has Huge Influence on Donald Trump’s Transition Team.”

In an article by Alex Emmons, published by The Intercept on Monday, titled “Trump May Not Be Anti-Gay, But Much of His Senior Staff Is,” Vice President-Elect Mike Pence and Sen. Jeff Sessions are also attacked.

“Topping the anti-gay list is Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, who Chad Griffin, the president of the Human Rights Campaign, called ‘the number one face of hate in the country,'” proclaims Emmos.

But despite the constant chorus of leftists and gay rights activists screaming homophobia, there is no evidence whatsoever that any of the individuals they have decried actually hate homosexuals.

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There is plenty of evidence, however, that certain individuals in Trump’s transition team support the traditional definition and understanding of marriage and oppose the radical social and political agenda of the Left on the issue.

As is usually the case in contemporary politics, those hurling accusations of intolerance are in fact the ones who are practicing intolerance. Individuals like Mike Pence or Family Research Council President Tony Perkins merely have differing views on morality and family, and for that they are cast as hateful. Even gay Americans who don’t go along with the leftist agenda are accused of hating gays.

“Louder voices have sent a message that they do not intend to tolerate the views of one half of the country. This intolerance has taken on some bizarre forms,” Peter Thiel told journalists at the National Press Club in October.

“The Advocate, a magazine that once raised me as a gay innovator, even published an article saying as of now I am, and I quote, ‘not a gay man’ because I don’t agree with their politics.”