Hunter College Pressured to Fire Ivanka Trump Harasser

Group starts action against man who 'is not a good example for our youth'

A petition that has garnered over 20,000 signatures may alter the employment status of a Hunter College professor who, along with his husband, harassed Ivanka Trump on a JetBlue flight from New York to Palm Beach last week.

Matthew Lasner, an urban studies professor at Hunter in New York City, tweeted out the gate location of Ivanka Trump and her family on Dec. 22, and his husband Dan Goldstein then accosted the daughter of the president-elect on the plane, causing a scene and harassing Ivanka Trump and her family.

Goldstein was holding his own child at the time.

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The petition was created by the group Right Wing Millennials, according to the Daily Mail and other sources.

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“Someone like Mr. Lasner, who would harass a mother and her child simply trying to go about their day, does not deserve the honor of teaching,” reads the petition. “The fact that he tried to cover up and change the story around to avoid the consequences of his actions is also a testament to his character. He is NOT a good example for our youth.”

As liberals rage and whine about safe spaces and how they feel “threatened” by a Trump presidency, rational Americans are calling for a new standard of respect. Tolerance is now something the Left is going to have to get used to extending.

JetBlue elected to remove Lasner and his child from the aircraft prior to take-off, and placed them on the next available flight, according to many media reports. Members of the Secret Service were on the flight with Ivanka Trump and her family, but did not intervene, letting the airline handle the issue.

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Marc Scheff, a passenger sitting in front of Ivanka, wrote on Facebook of Goldstein, “He didn’t accost her directly. When he got on and saw her, sitting behind me, he said, ‘Oh my God. This is a nightmare,’ and was visibly shaking. He said, ‘They ruin the country, now they ruin our flight!'”

“He did not yell,” Scheff continued. “He was also not what I would describe as calm. Agitated, maybe. His husband behind him was very calm. His son is adorable and sharply dressed. When the JetBlue staff went back to speak to the man, I overheard Ivanka say to them, ‘I don’t want to make this a thing.’ My assessment is that she was happy to let the man take his seat. Security made a different call.”

Scheff added about Ivanka, “She handled the situation calmly and with class.”

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