Netflix show host and comedian Chelsea Handler just penned an essay for women, claiming females should support each other and really be there for one another.

Here is yet another celebrity trying to tell females — including our daughters — how to behave and what to value. Yawn.

Handler is calling for women to come together and support each other — unless, of course, they didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. In that case, forget it.

Here’s another liberal celebrity who can’t accept the outcome of the election.

Handler says America has a problem with “women supporting women” in her essay, posted to

“One of the saddest things about November 8,” she wrote, “were the women of America who somehow managed to vote for Donald Trump, specifically the 53 percent of all white female voters who chose Mr. Trump.”

Moms — we must teach our daughters to use critical thinking skills. They must see right through this type of liberal ideology, which is always long on catchy buzzwords and blame but short on actual logic or common sense.

Handler said white women don’t appreciate anything.

She wrote: “94% of black women voted for Hillary Clinton, because unlike white women, black women don’t take their rights, liberties, or justice for granted. They honor how hard people fought for them, and they are fully committed to honoring the very people who risked, and in many cases lost, their lives fighting for ability to count.”

Handler also offered a kumbaya moment for all women, suggesting female solidarity — which will leave women she has publicly attacked scratching their heads (think Angelina Jolie).

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“Forget the jealousy. Forget the competitiveness,” Handler implored. “We are stronger together. Find a woman you have nothing in common with and give her a hug. Then hug yourself. Then roll up your sleeves and stop looking in the mirror.”

Handler noted that America “is a free country, and we are free to differ on public policy.” But she added: “What kind of a woman votes for a white, entitled rich guy who has spent his entire life working the system for excess personal profit[?]”

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She claimed it was especially frustrating because Hillary Clinton is “arguably the mostly qualified presidential candidate in modern American history ” and would have “lift[ed] America up out of its 240-year ‘winning streak’ of male dominance and patriarchy.”

Moms and dads, let’s teach our girls that real role models should at least deserve our time and attention. True feminists show us a positive path forward on important issues such as workplace equality, while defending their views thoughtfully, persuasively, and intellectually.

Most celebrities do not offer that. This one sure didn’t.