Parents, beware. Schools around the globe — including American schools — are now pushing “Comprehensive Sexual Education” on the youngest children, teaching them about their “sexual rights” while cutting parents entirely out of the educational process.

There is evil being taught here — namely, an almost obsessive focus on sexual pleasure, even for the young.

Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) is an extremely controversial “rights-based” approach to sex education that covers a great deal more territory than human reproduction. CSE programs promote the acceptance of diverse sexual identities and instruct youth about how to derive sexual pleasure in a variety of ways.

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Parents who may be thrilled to see “abstinence” education listed in the curriculum don’t realize what else is being promoted — in lieu of sexual intercourse. CSE content varies from school district to school district and school to school — so it is important for parents to be aware of the particulars of CSE that are being taught to their kids.

There is no more important activity parents can do for the health of their children than to call the school and find out exactly what the kids are being taught in these sex ed programs. And parents need to view the curriculum themselves — and get ready for a shock.

Sharon Slater of Gilberg, Arizona, is president of FamilyWatch International, a pro-family organization accredited by the United Nations that is fighting CSE around the world.

[lz_infobox]From real lesson plans for Grades 7 & 8, Omaha (Nebraska) Public Schools: “People have referred to this condom as a ‘female’ condom, but this can be used by someone of any gender for either penis-vagina sex or during anal sex if the couple removed the interior ring.”[/lz_infobox]

“We’ve been working within the U.N. system to expose the undermining of marriage and the family,” she told LifeZette. “We regularly work with governments — mostly developing countries — to expose the sexual agenda being forced on them through blackmail and bribery, which includes withholding of aid if they don’t comply,” she said. “Different governments have told us that the U.N. agency and our government —including our government under President Obama and also President [Bill] Clinton — threaten the pulling of aid if they don’t implement CSE.”

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Obama issued a directive to all U.S. embassies to promote LGBT rights as a top priority, said Slater, which is accomplished through CSE. “You raise a generation that will experiment and accept,” she said. “A generation of ‘global citizens.’ I’ve confronted the U.S. delegation at the U.N., and they said they were instructed to support it.”

It is no surprise that Planned Parenthood, with its tens of thousands of service offerings around the world, has been at the forefront of CSE.

“There’s a lot of different special interests that come together to promote this idea of sexual rights for children — for a lot of different reasons,” said Slater. “If they can sexualize children at a young age, then these children will need their services for condoms, counseling, and abortions. This is huge money in pharmaceuticals, condoms, and contraceptives — both for them [Planned Parenthood] and for other organizations.”

[lz_infobox]From real lesson plans for Grade 10, Omaha Public Schools: “Andie and Diana are two girls who just met last weekend at a party. They had fun together, and now they’ve hooked up again this weekend. They’re alone in Andie’s basement. Plan a role-play in which Diana asks Andie about having sex and they make a decision.”[/lz_infobox]

What Planned Parenthood and other groups are selling to our innocent children is that sexual pleasure is key to sexual health, said Slater. “They are teaching children that if they are not having pleasurable sexual experiences, this is compromising their sexual health. They’re teaching eroticism — and that people’s beliefs are getting in the way. Sexual pleasure is a huge theme in these programs.”

With an increased focus on CSE here in the U.S., parents need to examine their child’s entire sex education curriculum, advised Slater.

“Planned Parenthood is working night and day to get this to children. Different federal funding streams make it possible — rape prevention, HIV/Aids prevention, teen pregnancy prevention. SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States) has organizations working together to create funding streams.”

Confidentiality is also being touted to kids — parents are shut out of the process. “These groups believe children have a right to confidentiality and privacy,” said Slater. “SEL (social-emotional learning) is also a huge movement in the U.S. This is another avenue we believe they will use to push this. They believe sexuality education is a part of every topic. Sometimes these groups even enlist substitute teachers to get into classrooms with the goal of teaching this material.”

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Susan Skinner of Nashville, Tennessee, has seen her ninth-grade son essentially kicked out of Nashville’s Father Ryan High School this fall. That happened after she and her husband, Jason, objected to the sexuality education program that is mandatory there.

“Unless you can assure Father Ryan [HS] that your dissatisfaction with the Human Sexuality curriculum issue is concluded, you are choosing not to allow [your son] to remain a student at Father Ryan High School,” the letter, obtained by LifeSiteNews, stated.

Remember: This is a Catholic school asking a family to leave over a dispute about sexuality education. In other words — CSE is turning up everywhere.

“Oftentimes these programs labeled ‘comprehensive sex education’ are no more than a veiled disguise to indoctrinate our children into a lifestyle of casual sex, divorced from or minimizing the idea of the very real, very life-changing, consequences of sex,” Susan Skinner told LifeZette. “These courses are pushed at young ages, when a child may not be developmentally ready. It should be the parent who decides how, when, and where sex education is taught.”

“A lot of special interests come together to promote this idea of sexual rights for children — for a lot of reasons.”

She added, “Unfortunately, because many parents neglected this most basic parental duty, we see more and more parents abdicating their rights to another authority, namely the school, without checking what exactly is being taught to their child. This decision can have dangerous consequences.”

“What has this cultural idea gotten us?” asked Skinner. “Lots of pornography addiction, for one. Pornography is often portrayed as healthy in these programs — a rape culture where women are objectified, a sex trafficking industry that can hide the consequences of sex, and a generation of women left emotionally bereft and abandoned in the face of depression and anxiety over abortion.”

The presence and prevalence of all of this sex education lowers a child’s defenses. “I would argue that the earlier you corrupt and break down the natural barriers children have, the sooner they can be sucked into this cultural depravity,” emphasized Skinner.

Parents must get involved immediately by demanding to see their child’s sex education curriculum — all of it. The CSE program and its advocates are touting “sexual rights” over basic human decency.

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“Our organization has created a template for parents to take into their schools to question administrators on the sexual education curriculum,” said Slater of “Our ‘Stop CSE’ project supports parents in different states. We now have 110 leaders just in the U.S. alone. We are creating a toolkit to help protect states from CSE — or if it’s already been passed, how to get it reversed.”