Donald Trump Is Driving Left Crazy, Early

Liberals caught babbling about president-elect, becoming unhinged as they get kicked off planes

Is there a better way to kick off the holidays by getting on a jet plane with family, heading to a festive gathering or perhaps an exotic locale?

For Ivanka Trump, daughter of President-Elect Donald Trump, that was the goal — getting on a JetBlue plane and flying with her family of five for a holiday getaway.

It’s the targeting of Ivanka Trump that is particularly cowardly.

But the plan was temporarily interrupted by two wacky leftists — Matthew Lasner and Daniel Goldstein — a married New York couple who apparently think their opinions are so important, they can harass the soon-to-be First Daughter.

The couple tried to spin the issue later, saying that Goldstein spoke in a soft tone. But just minutes earlier, Lasner said they hatched a plan to make Ivanka uncomfortable as she sat with her kids. Lasner even crossed a line, telling the world via Twitter where the president-elect’s daughter was.

“Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial. My husband chasing them down to harass them,” Lasner tweeted.

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The couple was removed from the flight after indirectly mocking Ivanka near where she was seated. They were placed on another plane.

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The two men should be banned from JetBlue forever. This type of mean-spirited lunacy is usually dealt with more harshly by other airlines. Recently, a Pennsylvania man was banned from Delta forever, for taunting passengers with pro-Trump shouting.

But the Left — well, they have to be treated differently.

Anti-Trump lunacy is a disturbing behavior, a growing snowball of anger and inappropriate behavior. There is no sign the rebukes given already to the various bad actors are sinking in.

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Inauguration is approaching and it’s only going to get worse. And truculent remarks on airplanes will be the least of it. The inauguration itself is a target. President-elect Donald Trump is having trouble finding singers to perform at the Jan. 20 event.

It’s not so much that singers haven’t approached Trump. They have. But the minute that word leaks out some artist is thinking of performing, the Left threatens boycotts.

Even Gene Simmons of KISS, hardly a man fearful of the Left, was told by his wife not to talk about being asked to perform. (KISS was asked by Trump’s committee to perform.) When pressed, Simmons meekly explained KISS would be in Europe on Jan. 20.

It’s quite possible Trump will spare artists any potential damage to their wallets, and not have traditional musical performances at the swearing-in, and at parties afterward. That’s OK.

But it’s the targeting of Ivanka Trump that is particularly cowardly.

One of the leaders of this movement is Shannon Coulter of San Francisco, who has tried to maintain a boycott of all Ivanka Trump’s products. The movement isn’t exactly catching on. Coulter has but 29,000 followers on Twitter.

Another example of the cowardly targeting of Ivanka Trump is one done by artists.

A number of artists are protesting Ivanka’s showcasing of their art on Instagram. Ivanka Trump and her husband apparently own a number of fine paintings by contemporary American artists.

Yet these artists are anything but grateful.

“Dear @Ivankatrump please get my work off of your walls. I am embarrassed to be seen with you,” sneered Philadelphia artist Alex Da Corte, via Instagram.

The poor artists have formed an activist group, Halt Action Group, which targets Ivanka Trump, not her father. They post regular attacks on Ivanka Trump, all in the hopes she will be crushed emotionally and convince her father to become more liberal.

In short, the Left has just plain gone nuts. They are deranged in their anger over Trump’s surprise win on Nov. 8.

And special pleading for the Trump critics has also begun.

Jamelle Bouie, the Slate chief political correspondent, suggests the bullying and harassment of Ivanka Trump is “criticism.”

“Are people really arguing that Ivanka Trump, a figure who is leveraging her father’s power, is beyond criticism because she’s his child?” Bouie asked, kicking off instant criticism that he was engaging in a straw-man argument. (He was indeed doing that.)

Don’t be surprised if Bouie soon suggests Lasner and Goldstein were engaged in performance art.

As for other Beltway journalists, they are engaged in a long-term anxiety attack. One focus of concern is the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

“It seems way off — April 29, 2017 — but the election of Donald Trump is already raising questions and some fears among association members,” writes Poynter, the left-wing ethics website for journalists.

Poynter quotes a journalists worried about Trump actually showing up — like every other president has.

“This is unchartered territory. We’ve never had a businessman-reality TV star as president, somebody who understands the importance of this particular event,” says a former board member of the organization.

Poynter is even coaching journalists how to handle Trump if he shows up and starts throwing shade (as other presidents have done).

“Bring the zen to the party. Do more listening, and nodding, instead of responding if provoked,” one party planner told Poynter.

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