CNN Special: GOP Opposed Obama Because of Race

Tone-deaf Zakaria asserts 'brick wall of Republican resistance' was built by bigotry

CNN continued to display an incredible ideological bias and complete inability to understand the United States and its people in a documentary that aired Wednesday titled “The Legacy of Barack Obama.”

Host Fareed Zakaria used the two-hour Obama lovefest to assert that opposition to outgoing president was driven by — yes, you guessed it — racism.

“Did race play a role in the brick wall of Republican resistance to Barack Obama?”

“Fierce, unrelenting opposition, would haunt the next eight years and what began as whispers is now discussed openly,” Zakaria said. “Did race play a role in the brick wall of Republican resistance to Barack Obama?” he asked. Zakaria certainly wanted his viewers to believe it did.

“It seemed like a fairy tale beginning but at precisely the moment the first couple began swaying on the dance floor, the central crisis of the Obama presidency was already taking shape,” Zakaria said, before jumping to a clip of leftist journalist Ryan Lizza.

“Within half a mile of where Obama and Michelle are dancing and celebrating their great victory, his Republican opponents are wining and dining and plotting his defeat,” Lizza said. “Fifteen of the most powerful Republicans in Washington made a pact that night,” he continued.

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Of course, certain Republicans’ intense opposition to Obama had absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin and everything to do with his unprecedented drive to implement progressive policies — even when they violated the law.

Republicans resisted Obama with unprecedented fury not because of the melanin content in his skin, but the content of his ideas and political beliefs. Just as Americans are opposed to illegal immigration not because they hate non-whites, but because they think illegal immigration hurts Americans’ job prospects, wages, and social cohesion. Just as the British voted for Brexit because not because they hate immigrants, but because they wished to be in control of their own immigration policy.

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Indeed, it is also painfully apparent from his love letter to Obama that Zakaria, CNN, and their ilk haven’t learned a single thing since President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory — which suggests Republicans will indeed have to get used to winning, because it appears it will be some time yet before the American Left figures out how to win again.

Zakaria and company clearly still have yet to realize that calling conservatives and moderates who do not support globalism, mass migration, or divisive identity politics racists does not exactly win converts. The more liberals like Zakaria resort to hurling hysterical and unjustified epithets at people merely because they question the sacred shibboleths of globalist Left, the more they only continue to marginalize themselves.

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