CNN Contributor: Trump Wants to ‘Cut a Deal’ to Keep Conflicts

Liberal pundit struggles to suggest something nefarious in president-elect's stock sell-off

CNN contributor Symone Sanders said Wednesday that President-Elect Donald Trump wants to “cut a deal” with Americans in order to keep conflicts of interest. The claim comes amid a fresh push from the mainstream media to assert the president-elect could become entangled in conflicts of interests — even as Trump continues to erect protections against potential conflicts.

Trump’s transition team has announced that New York billionaire sold his stock in June to avoid entanglements once he enters the White House. According to financial disclosures made by his campaign in May, that portfolio was worth at least $22 million.

“This is essentially Donald Trump trying to cut a deal with the American people. ‘Look, I’ll give away my stock, but I’ll give away my company to my kids.'”

Sanders, who previously served as a spokeswoman for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign, scoffed at the massive sell-off of stock to dull the possibility of conflicts.

“Donald Trump is a businessman,” she said on CNN’s “At This Hour,” with Kate Bolduan. “He is going to try to cut a deal. This is essentially Donald Trump trying to cut a deal with the American people. ‘Look, I’ll give away my stock, but I’ll give away my company to my kids. So I can still, you know, have it both ways, but make everyone feel like they’re OK.'”

Sanders called it troubling.

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“I definitely think this, again, should raise red flags,” she said. “We still haven’t see Donald Trump’s tax returns. I know Democrats in Congress have called for his entire financial history and entanglements so we can really know what we’re dealing with. And he should really give that up.”

It is much easier to sell stock or place investment assets in a blind trust. The task is significantly more difficult for a real estate empire like Trump’s. Real estate holdings cannot simply be sold off immediately.

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Sanders’ comments were mild compared with other recent on-air statements, such as when she said the Democratic Party does not need white people running it or when she dismissed a mob attack on a white driver by saying, “poor white people.”

On Wednesday, she was left to whine about Trump’s holdings and his tax returns.

“But this is now the world we live in, a world where we don’t know what the president-elect is going to do and what his holdings really are and how that’s going to affect us, the American people,” she said.

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