O’Keefe: Chicago Used Democrats as GOP Election Monitors

Undercover video suggests Cook County officials skirted integrity rules at the polls

Cook County, home to the city of Chicago, was using Democrats to be Republican election judges, according to a new video from conservative journalist and undercover sting artist, James O’Keefe III.

The video was released on Thursday by O’Keefe’s outfit, Project Veritas.

“I just get paid. I don’t give a green flip. I’m a Democrat but I’m working under the Republicans.”

In the video, three election Republican judges admit that they are not actually Republicans, but Democrats.

Many states require a Republican judge and a Democrat monitor, at the least, at each voting precinct.

But apparently Cook County officials were having trouble finding Republicans, so they recruited Democrats to be Republican judges.

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“I’m a Democrat but I’m working under the Republicans,” said one woman.

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At another point, the woman says she is not exactly a motivated watchdog.

“I just get paid. I don’t give a green flip,” the “Republican” judge tells an undercover Project Veritas reporter.

The allegations made by O’Keefe and Project Veritas raise serious questions about how Illinois — especially scandal-plagued Chicago and Cook County — conduct their elections. The judge rule is in place in many states so each party’s watchdogs can monitor the precinct’s happenings and the end of the day’s  vote counts.

Another Republican judge was asked if he voted for Trump.

“No, I didn’t vote for Trump,” said another “Republican” judge. “They gave me my assignment, told me where I’m going, and made me a Republican. I can’t say anything about it. Do I vote Republican? No.”

And in another part of the video, a group of Republican election judges were asked if they would vote for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

One male judge chuckled.

“We’re Democrats up in here,” he said.

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