Celebrities Still Moping All These Weeks Later

There may be a cure for the Hollywood stars who are 'dazed and struggling' — the answer may surprise you

One might argue that the entire world is a safe space for pampered Hollywood elites — yet many are still having a tough time with the Nov. 8 election results. In Tinseltown, insiders are apparently still depressed and moping around due to the impending Trump presidency, according to The Wrap.

“In the past week or so, I have had conversations with half a dozen or so leaders in the entertainment industry — producers, executives, managers, writers, directors and others — who continue to walk through their days dazed and struggling to process what has come to pass,” Sharon Waxman wrote in the piece.

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Anonymous entertainers apparently feel “powerless” and “paralyzed” by the election of Donald J. Trump.

But all is well. There’s a new-age invention that could help nurture these entertainers through the inauguration and nurse them even through the president-elect’s years in office.

Safe spaces — hardly beneficial for society or for young people specifically — might have some merit in this situation. So in the spirit of trying to find the bright side of safe spaces (assuming there is one), here’s a look at some celebrities who could benefit from them during the upcoming inauguration:

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Michael Moore seemed to take a long vacation while Barack Obama was in office. Sure, Obama stood for nearly everything Moore had once made films against, but he was a Democrat and one of the team, so the director remained relatively quiet.

Cut to the election season, when Trump was picking up steam, and Moore threw on his best blue-collar clothes, left one of his mansions, made a film — and has been screaming ever since.

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The documentarian — though that word should be used very loosely with Moore — needs a quiet safe space somewhere, not for his own use but apparently for everyone around him. Moore promised to disrupt Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration through his Twitter account, and then wrote to The Hollywood Reporter, “If by some awful happenstance Trump shows up to be sworn in on January 20th, I will be there helping lead the national protest and non-violently disrupting the inauguration of a man no one other than the Electoral College elected — and I’ll also be doing my own thing as a private citizen (activities I won’t disclose now).”

The director has also been a vocal supporter of Jill Stein’s last-ditch recount efforts. Moore needs something to do. Let’s take Twitter away and hand him some Play-Doh and a puppy; perhaps he’ll be too distracted to show his face at the inauguration.

Lena Dunham is hard to figure out. She seems to be on a mission to represent every single bad stereotype about millennials. She’s been working like she has a checklist in her back pocket.

Have embarrassingly simple and strange politics? Check. Dunham famously released an ad in support of voting for Obama, comparing her vote for him to her “first time.” This election season, she even put out a music video rapping about how cool Hillary Clinton is. It looked like a sixth-grade school project … if the project was to make something embarrassing and awful.

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Support wildly out-of-control political correctness? Check. Dunham voiced support for college students working to get sushi removed from their cafeteria because of cultural appropriation and, you know … it was offensive and stuff.

Hypocritical? Check. The filmmaker behind “Girls” displayed little support for the art and free speech that have helped her become successful when she promoted citizens going out and vandalizing the gun-toting posters for this summer’s “Jason Bourne.”

As bad as Dunham can be, even the most vocal haters should be a little concerned for her. She’s been walking around in a perpetual state of shock since she slowly realized the country wasn’t down with “the nation’s baddest grandmother.”

Writing for her Lenny Letter website, Dunham said after the election, “It wasn’t supposed to go this way.”

She continued, “As horrifying as I found Donald Trump’s rhetoric, as hideous as I found his racism and xenophobia, as threatening to basic decency as I found his demagogue persona, I never truly believed he could win.” Dunham was reportedly crying after seeing the election results.

Michael Shannon called Trump voters “racists” and “sexists.”

The star has walked back her promise to move to Canada, but perhaps that’s the best move for her, at least for a while. Sure, it’s cold there, but her series is coming to an end, and we don’t want her crying again when the inauguration happens (and there are colleges up there where she can promote political correctness). Election night was a lot for Dunham to handle; the inauguration might be better spent by the actress in the safe, warm embrace of Canada.

Michael Shannon is one of the most praised and engaging actors of the day. His work in films like “Take Shelter” and “Nocturnal Animals” suggests a thoughtful artist dedicated to his craft. That’s why it was such a surprise to see the actor reveal his vitriolic feelings about the election.

Shannon called Trump voters “racists” and “sexists” and suggested some good old-fashioned “civil war” and voter death was in order. “If you’re voting for Trump, it’s time for the urn,” Shannon told rogerebert.com about older voters.

Shannon is a passionate artist, but his passion when dissecting the election seems concerning. His blood is boiling, and we need him calm and focused on his work. Some college safe spaces offer teddy bears and puppies for people to play with, and a puppy would seem to be a nice touch for the usually serious Shannon. Through the inauguration, Shannon should let himself into a safe space with puppies that will help him focus his energy more properly.

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Looking into those cute eyes and petting that soft fur may even make him retract his comments about civil war and voter death.

Madonna doesn’t just have it out for Trump voters — she’s angry with any woman who didn’t cast a vote for Hillary Clinton. She said in an interview for Billboard magazine recently, “Women hate women,” and “It feels like women betrayed us.” She said since the election results, she’s been “devastated, surprised, in shock.” She even compared Trump’s victory to the feeling she would have if “someone died.”

At age 58, Madonna has had a long and illustrious music career. At this stage in her life, it would be inspiring to perhaps see her be more inclusive and thoughtful when speaking about women who disagree with her. She may need a time out to refocus some of her energy and put her privileged life in perspective.

Some quiet time hashing out her feelings and doodling in coloring books may help her feel not so “devastated” — and realize that someone’s death would probably make her feel much worse than a Trump presidency.

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