College ‘Safe Spaces’ May Not Be So Safe

New film from conservative podcaster Adam Carolla to unearth the erosion of free speech at our universities

When former “Man Show” co-host Adam Carolla found trouble in the stifling bureaucracy of the radio world, he turned to podcasting — creating a self-described “pirate ship,” where he has been free to build his own audience and speak openly about his more conservative viewpoints.

The venture evolved into one of the most successful podcasts in the world, “The Adam Carolla Show,” and a network, Carolla Digital, run by the man himself.

Dennis Prager, left, with Adam Carolla

Carolla is now moving that “pirate ship” mentality into the world of filmmaking. After successfully crowdfunding and releasing a film, “Road Hard,” and putting together two highly praised car-themed documentaries, Carolla is now teaming with conservative talk show host Dennis Prager to take on something Hollywood has thus far been refusing to touch: safe spaces.

The documentary, entitled “No Safe Spaces,” will find Carolla and Prager touring college campuses nationwide to see firsthand what makes up these “safe” areas, as well as debating and talking to advocates of such methods of “coping” and learning.

Safe spaces, of course, have gotten extra press attention since the presidential election. After President-Elect Donald Trump’s stunning victory, schools such as the University of Pennsylvania created spaces for their students to cope with the “traumatic” and distressful event. In these designated sections of campus are snacks, comfort animals, and places to share feelings.

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Along with taking on safe spaces, the film explores the receding of free speech on campuses nationwide — something even President Obama said is an issue. The movie will tackle the dilemma of students disinviting certain speakers to their universities because they don’t approve of the speakers’ points of view.

“College campuses are supposed to be [places] where diversity of opinion is celebrated, not silenced,” said Carolla, as The Hollywood Reporter noted.

Prager added, “When prestigious institutions of rigorous academic instruction give out coloring books and Play-Doh to 20-year-old students in designated safe-space areas on campus, we are failing them [the students].” He also called modern-day college campuses a “laughingstock.”

The announcement of the movie comes not long after Carolla, who was once a contestant on Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” announced a new venture in video streaming and creation, chassy.com. The podcaster is looking to bypass Hollywood studios entirely and independently distribute his future films as well as some from other filmmakers. Carolla told The Wrap, “We don’t really need” Hollywood thanks to the new venture.

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When LifeZette spoke to “Basic Instinct” screenwriter and Trump supporter Joe Eszterhas a few months ago, he predicted a Trump victory could make the very liberal Hollywood “a little more balanced” — and signify a major cultural shift.

A new movie taking on the college campus safe-space development and an independent film-releasing platform from a major conservative star prove he was likely right.

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