America’s Chance at Redemption

All throughout Scripture, God uses flawed men and women to aid in His plan

As the jubilation from the presidential election subsides and the Trump transition team presses forward, one wonders what God has in store for America under President Donald Trump.

Thousands of Americans lifted up prayers of concern before the election and grateful praise after asking for God’s blessings on the new administration and its efforts to restore America to greatness.

For centuries God has been using humans with all their frailties and imperfections to make mankind aware that He loves them.

Secular progressives would undoubtedly find this deranged, but consider this: According to most of the media, the polls, and the pundits, all indications pointed to an easy Hillary Clinton victory. Everyone from both sides of the political aisle knew Clinton had a much wider path to winning the needed 270 electoral votes.

Clinton had every “tangible” advantage over the billionaire businessman: money, advertising, an incumbent president and first lady actively campaigning for her the final two weeks of the campaign, the polls, a fawning print and online media, Silicon Valley gurus, and Hollywood celebrities galore.

So what happened? Could it be that God has plans for America with its new leadership? Could it be God has more for America to do? Draining the swamp is a good place to start and is long overdue, but does God have a worldwide purpose for America in the 21st century? For instance, maybe actually stopping Iran from getting a nuclear bomb rather than pretending it has already stunted Iran? Or perhaps destroying ISIS and its dangerous ideology, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel, generating and protecting much of the world’s energy supplies, helping to feed billions of people worldwide, and, lest we forget — reestablishing America as a force for good on the international stage?

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The billionaire businessman may not be the first person who comes to mind when contemplating the work of God behind the scenes to fulfill His will, but by human standards, neither was Moses. Moses stuttered and begged God to choose someone else — yet God chose Moses to speak to Pharaoh and lead the Jewish people out of Egyptian captivity.

Years after Moses led Israel out of 40 years of wandering in the wilderness after leaving Egypt, God worked through Rahab, a prostitute living in Jericho. Rahab hid Israelite spies from the King of Jericho, and based on those spies’ intelligence, the Israelites overthrew Jericho. Jesus’ lineage was eventually traced back to Rahab’s eventual marriage.

Jonah was a minor Hebrew prophet sent by God to warn the residents of Nineveh how close they were to God’s judgment, but Jonah ran away from that responsibility. Nineveh was an enemy of Israel, and Jonah wanted its residents to die. God had other plans for Jonah, however — one of which involved using a very big fish to convince him to reconsider his reluctance about preaching to the sinful residents in Nineveh.

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And there were Christ’s 12 disciples. At least seven were fishermen, one was a tax collector, and a few are believed to have been some tradesmen. They were not military leaders, politicians, wealthy merchants, or religious leaders. For centuries, God has been using humans with all their frailties and imperfections to make mankind aware that He loves them and wants them to seek Him out for guidance, wisdom, and protection.

Many Americans believed this past presidential election was our country’s last chance to right our moral course and get America back on track. Millions were hoping that Donald Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton for the presidency, but few actually believed it could happen.

To the delight of many, the anguish of others, and the consternation of almost everyone, on Jan. 202017, the first man to have never held elective office or serve in the military will be sworn in as America’s 45th president.

Many people are still wondering how this happened — but the better question may be why it happened. Despite Obama’s relentless efforts these past eight years, American exceptionalism is still a force for good in this world — and Americans remain the most charitable people on the planet.

Could it be that God still has plans for America? With the mess the world is in today, it’s comforting to think so.

Dean George is a marketing specialist and online content creator for an Indiana telecommunications company. He lives in Nashville, Indiana.

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