Do These 5 Moves Every Morning

Forget the 'I have no time' excuse — this mini workout gets the blood flowing

Far too many of us put our own health and well-being aside in favor of other priorities — work, kids, the apartment, social activities.

Who actually has time for the gym or for a walk anyway?

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The problem is, we’ll pay for this down the road. So start being active for five or 10 minutes at the start of each day — carving out time for this could be significant for our health.

“Ultimately, no matter what people’s goals are, a 10-minute workout would certainly help,” said Michael Moody, an author and personal trainer. “It means increasing blood circulation and range of motion.”

Moody told LifeZette that even his own clients are pressed for time — which is why he sees them. They want to maximize what little time they have to exercise — but his goal involves more than getting them in shape.

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“The challenge is really helping them build a habit to do more on their own outside of the gym. That’s the most ideal,” said Moody.

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He said a mini workout each morning, if one makes the time to do it — and stick to it — is a great idea. We may not build a ton of muscle or maximize our cardiovascular system, but it’s a start. It’s important to always warm up, though, Moody cautioned, or we might do more harm than good to our body through injury.

“Make sure you’re efficient and get the most from it. Do foundation exercises like lunges, squats, planks, hip thrusts, and other movements that mimic normal daily activity,” said Moody — like those shown in the video near the top of this article.

“You can perform those within a circuit, so at least you’re getting some endurance benefit during this short amount of time — and performing as much as 12 exercises during that short period.”

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