John Podesta and others in Hillary Clinton’s inner circle may actively participate in bizarre occult rituals, according to an astonishing email released by WikiLeaks in October.

While powerful political insiders partaking in ceremonies that have been described as Satanic may seem like something that could exist only in a Dennis Wheatley novel, a June 2015 conversation between Podesta and famed performance artist and occultist Marina Abramović proves such scenarios are chillingly real.

“If you are doing it in different context, in spiritual circles or private house or on TV shows, it is not art.”

“Dear Tony,” wrote Abramović. “I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining?”

Abramović’s “Spirit Cooking” is little more than a series occult rituals and spells, some of which include blood sacrifice, video footage suggests. One of Abramović’s ritual spells included in her book, “Spirit Cooking,” calls for the mixing of “fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk” to “drink on earthquake nights.”

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One might be tempted to see Abramović’s Spirit Cooking as mere performance art — she is, after all, widely considered to be the godmother of performance art, and her performance art has always contained the stain of the occult. In one such “performance,” she “carved a pentagram onto her stomach using a razor blade,” The Telegraph reported in 2011.

But Abramović herself does not consider Spirit Cooking to be simple art and is clear it is occult magic. “Everything depends on which context you are doing what you are doing,” Abramović explained in a 2013 Reddit AMA.

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“If you are doing the occult magic in the context of art or in a gallery, then it is the art. If you are doing it in different context, in spiritual circles or private house or on TV shows, it is not art,” she said. Abramović is explicit — her Spirit Cooking, when done in the context of a private house such as her own, is not art, but something much more serious.

The revelation of Podesta’s participation in ritual occult magic raises serious questions about his morals. It could also explain the Clinton campaign’s barely disguised antipathy toward the Catholic Church.