Trump Meets with Ari Emanuel

Hollywood agent proves president's willingness to work across aisle

The mainstream media has worked tirelessly to make Donald Trump’s transition to the White House seem chaotic and troubled.

Despite criticism among leftist public figures, however, Trump has shown himself willing to reach across the aisle and work with people who don’t agree with him — and he’s not even president yet.

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First, there was the meeting with top Republican critic of everything Trump — Mitt Romney. And on Sunday, Trump met with his former agent, Ari Emanuel. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because he’s not someone who has been politically aligned with Trump in recent months.

Emanuel is the brother of former Obama aide and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He’s someone with political leanings far to the left of Trump; he’s been a top Democratic donor over the years. Another Emanuel brother, Zeke, is a doctor and helped pass the Affordable Care Act.

Still, Ari Emanuel and Trump have kept up business relationships despite political disagreements. Emanuel helped with a film shown at the Republican National Convention and Trump said he was “a very good friend” in June, as The Hollywood Reporter noted. Emanuel is also co-CEO of entertainment and sports at WME-IMG, which bought the Miss Universe Pageant from the Trump Organization.

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The agent was seen at the Trump National Golf Course in New Jersey; The Hollywood Reporter said he would be meeting with Trump regarding potential candidates for future cabinet positions. Emanuel is said to not be interested in an actual position in Trump’s cabinet — only in counseling and providing advice to his former client. When Emanuel arrived for the meeting in Bedminster, New Jersey, at about noon on Sunday, Trump called him “the king of Hollywood,” as CNN and other outlets noted.

Positions already filled at this point include attorney general (Sen. Jeff Sessions) and chief of staff (Reince Priebus). Former Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon has also been announced as chief strategist.

With important positions such as secretary of state still be filled, the meeting should be good news to onlookers from both the Left and the Right.

To the Right, it’s a sign of Trump’s willingness to look beyond those who agree with him in order to make the best decisions possible. To those on the Left still licking their open wounds from Election Day, it’s a sign that the president-elect may not be as divisive as most of the press tries to make him out to be.

A meeting with a former business partner with differing politics for counsel sounds like something a good president would do — and that should have everyone hopeful.

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