Tim Tebow’s Faith Never Fails

The athlete, a deep believer in the Lord, shares his personal struggles and his persistence

Tim Tebow is blunt in his new book, “Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life’s Storms.” As much as this standout athlete believes in God and trusts in Him to fully direct his life’s path, Tebow also acknowledges the challenges human beings face on a regular basis, no matter who they are or what they encounter — and how those challenges sometimes lead to tough questions.

Tebow’s “storms” have included being cut from the rosters of several NFL teams before his pro career gained any traction, including from the Philadelphia Eagles, who had invited him to practice with them in the pre-season — as a young, talented, and optimistic player hoping for a comeback in football.

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“I can’t tell you why bad things happen or why our dreams and plans shatter. It’s an age-old question that people have asked for centuries and will continue to try to answer, debate, and write books about. This is something Job talked about in the Bible, struggled with,” Tebow says in his book. “Though most of us haven’t gone through the intense level of suffering he had, most of us can relate to his questions, to his struggle with wanting to know why God would orchestrate tragedy.”

Tebow’s honesty and his willingness to admit the weaknesses that accompany being human are what make the man appealing and compelling to so many millions of people across this country. The Heisman Trophy winner (the first-ever college sophomore to win the honor) and two-time national football champion was famously picked in the first round of the NFL draft — but lasted just three seasons overall in the National Football League. Today, the former quarterback — something he wanted to be since the age of six — is playing baseball professionally.

But that is far from all he does and all he is. He heads up the Tebow Foundation, formed in 2010 to “bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need,” as his new book explains. “The foundation fulfills that mission by serving thousands of deserving children around the world.”

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He is also deeply faithful — and never afraid to share this big part of his life with his fans, friends, and readers.

“If your world is shaken and you feel lost and heartbroken in your pain, accept God’s gift of salvation,” he says in his book. “He offers you a new life, an abundant life. A life in union with Him. A life of meaning. A life of purpose. A life of joy. Yes, even in the midst of suffering.”

Just 29 years old, Tebow shares many other inspirational messages and anecdotes that will help others see their own trials and tribulations in a new light — and gain new strength to push on no matter what their goals may be.

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Among his insights are these three standouts:

1.) “In those places of doubt and even of darkness, I’ve realized that who I am has nothing to do with wins or losses, applause, or negative criticism. It has to do with whose I am. Knowing this, I can live out what the king of ancient Israel wrote in Psalm 16:8: ‘I have set the Lord continually before me; Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.'”

2.) “Whatever you may struggle with — and all of us struggle with something — know this: With Jesus, you have everything. With Him, you have what it takes to fulfill a purpose. You may not have graced the covers of fashion magazines, you may not have a million dollars in the bank, you may not be Tom Brady or Michael Jordan or Taylor Swift or Chris Tomlin or Mother Teresa, but you have something. And with God, that’s more than enough.”

3.) “When we strive to be just like everyone else, we never have a chance to be special. When you start to embrace and even celebrate how special and different God made you, you can begin to do extraordinary things. You can begin to see yourself through His eyes. You can begin to live in the uniqueness with which you were created. You can be motivated and inspired to go against the grain. What does that mean? … When you see injustice and everyone else turns a blind eye, try to make it right.”

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