The Daddy-Daughter Gymnastics Challenge

While most adults watch their kids' workouts from the sidelines, this father ... jumps right in

It can be tough as you get older to stay limber, be active, and keep up with the kids. But one typical dad is doing a far better job of it than most ever could.

Check out this impressive if not hilarious daddy-daughter duo making waves on Instagram, as she gives him a gymnastics move to try.

He not only keeps up after a few painful first attempts, but sometimes even outdoes her.

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The video is just one that 41-year-old Ash Mills of Melbourne, Australia, has posted as he tries to pull off some of the moves of his nine-year-old daughter, Alex, at home, at the gym, and even the beach. The duo has quite a following online.

The tenacity of Ash Mills as he tries to get various moves right is pretty impressive. If you’re inspired to give some of his moves a try this long holiday weekend or any other time — be smart! Keep your physician’s telephone number — or that of a message therapist — handy.

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