As the presidential campaign reached its final moments on Monday night, Hillary opted for spending part of the night in Philadelphia.

She was at a rally and concert starring Bruce Springsteen, along with President Obama, his wife Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, daughter Chelsea Clinton, and rocker Jon Bon Jovi, who was introduced as the “secretary of entertainment.”

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A final midnight Hillary rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, gave Lady Gaga top billing.

“[Tuesday] is the biggest day in all of our lives,” Bon Jovi told the crowd outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia. “I know you’re going to be here for Mrs. Clinton tomorrow.” He then proceeded to sing the Beatles’ well-known tune, “Here Comes the Sun.”

Springsteen followed Bon Jovi by giving an acoustic concert starting with “Thunder Road.” The rocker told the crowd that “the choice [on Nov. 8] couldn’t be any clearer. Hillary’s candidacy is based on intelligence, experience, and an actual vision of America where everyone counts.”

Springsteen called Donald Trump a man whose “vision is limited to little beyond himself,” with a “profound lack of decency.” He said, “Tomorrow those ideas and that campaign is going down,” and then he played “Long Walk Home” and “Dancing in the Dark.”

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Springsteen is no stranger to this scene: He campaigned for John Kerry in 2004 and for Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Next up was Chelsea Clinton, who called the scene “just extraordinary,” and said she was “so fiercely, ridiculously proud of my mom.”

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Chelsea introduced her dad, Bill, who said Hillary is “dedicated to making changes for other people.”

Bill introduced Michelle Obama, who said, “We are one day away from once again making history … We have the chance to elect someone who is singularly qualified to be president, our friend Hillary Clinton. She is a phenomenal woman who has devoted her life to helping others.”

Michelle Obama then introduced her husband, who said, “With Democrats in charge, America is stronger.”

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And Barack Obama, finally, introduced the Democratic presidential candidate, who closed out the rally by urging everyone to vote.

At the same time, Madonna held a free surprise concert/Hillary rally in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park.

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Meanwhile, Donald Trump was holding rallies in five different states, reaching the people — not trotting out stars, but rather keeping on message about making America great again.

“We are fighting to bring us all together as Americans,” he said in Scranton, Pennsylvania, one of his stump spots.

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Over the weekend, Clinton appeared at separate events with Jay Z and Beyoncé, and then with Katy Perry. Stevie Wonder and Bon Jovi also appeared at events, and Jimmy Buffett rocked out with Vice President Joseph Biden in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Monday.

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