Shock Polls: Trump Surges to Lead in Virginia, Tied in Colorado

New surveys show him making major swing-state gains, on cusp of paving electoral college path

Two shocking polls dropped on Wednesday show Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may be finally on a path to an Electoral College victory.

Trump has been struggling to put together the final piece of the electoral puzzle in his presidential bid. In short, he needs 270 electoral votes, and taking the lead in some key swing states has remained elusive. But if the new polls are correct, at least two of those states are now firmly within Trump’s reach.

If Trump has Colorado and Virginia back in play, then Clinton’s “blue wall” strategy is crumbling.

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In Virginia, Trump has jumped from 34 percent to 44 percent. Clinton gets 41 percent, a 5-point drop in one month, according to Hampton University.

The Hampton poll was conducted from Oct. 26 to Oct. 30. The margin of error is plus-or-minus 4.58 percent.

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The bad news for Clinton didn’t stop in the Old Dominion State.

[lz_table title=”Virginia General Election” source=”Hampton University 11-2″]
Likely voters

|Early October
Donald Trump (R), 34%
Hillary Clinton (D), 46%

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|Late October
Donald Trump (R), 44%
Hillary Clinton (D), 41%


The Denver Post reported that a University of Denver poll found Clinton and Trump are tied at 39 percent in a four-way race in Colorado, in a survey of likely voters conducted Saturday through Monday.

Virginia and Colorado have been particularly tough nuts for Trump to crack. To win the White House, it is generally agreed that Trump needs to hold solid GOP states and then win Ohio, Iowa, Florida, and North Carolina. After that, Trump needs a final combination of small- to medium-sized swing states — likely Nevada, Colorado, or Virginia — to cross the finish line.

It has all seemed a tall order. Then on Friday, the FBI informed Congress it would relaunch an investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s private email server. The server in question was used by Clinton from 2009 to 2013 to handle her emails as secretary of state. That is alleged to be, at least, a violation of the Federal Records Act.

Then more bombshell news broke Sunday: The FBI is also aggressively investigating the Clinton Foundation for corruption, a development sure to further hamstring her flagging campaign’s stumble to the finish line.

If Trump has Colorado and Virginia back in play, then Clinton’s “blue wall” strategy is crumbling. Trump could well be adding some more unexpected states before Tuesday, if the FBI news gets worse.

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