Santa Cams Suggest ‘Big Brother’ Is Watching

Nothing says 'ho ho ho' at Christmastime like a North Pole camera trained on your kids

Santa has gone high-tech — at least that’s what a hefty group of kids will believe this Christmas, should their parents veer from the cute-but-exasperating Elf on the Shelf to the new, hands-free “Santa Cam.”

Parents who suffer December exhaustion brought on by the antics of Elf on a Shelf will find welcome relief in this small, pretend camera that appears to track your child’s every movement. The Santa “spy cam” created by Hayley Donaldson of Emmiroo’s Photography and Gifts in England, looks like an ornament with a surveillance camera installed in it. It even arrives with a “notice” to kids warning them they’re being watched — ostensibly via satellite.

“The girls can be monsters around Christmas — it’s a combination of presents and massive amounts of sugar they consume.”

“This year, I need to keep a very close eye on you all, so I’ve installed some cameras that link right up to me at the North Pole,” the accompanying note from St. Nick reads.

In short, the Santa Cam employs a “Big Brother” theme, much like security at a casino, so that Santa at the North Pole workshop can man a wall of video monitors. The various Santa Cam designs are so popular this year there are now nearly two dozen pages of listings for “Santa Cam” on Etsy, and many listings on eBay, Amazon, and other re-sellers as well, according to The Huffington Post.

“I think it’s cute and anything that makes the kids behave is OK by me!” said a Reading, Massachusetts, mother of two young girls.

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“The girls can be monsters around Christmas — it’s a combination of the lure of presents and the massive amounts of sugar they consume. I will do anything to try to keep them rational! I’m always saying, ‘Santa just saw you do that,’ so maybe this will reinforce that — if they don’t destroy it in the first two minutes,” she said with a laugh.

One enterprising teacher wore a Santa Cam around her neck at school to keep her class on their best behavior. She posted a picture of herself with her new bling on Facebook, writing, “Oh, you want to hit somebody — Santa is watching you!!! Whoever thought of this genius idea, this teacher thanks you.”

Moms who replied to the post seemed to be on board, posting, “Too cute!” and “Love it!”

Looks like the Elf on a Shelf may stay on the closet shelf this year.

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