Podesta Recommends Lawyer for DOJ: ‘Kept Me Out of Jail’

WikiLeaks shows Clinton campaign chair praised assistant attorney general who protected him during Lewinsky probe

John Podesta really liked one of President Obama’s assistant attorneys general because he “kept me out of jail.”

In September 2008, Podesta, now Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, recommended an attorney to the Obama campaign. The attorney was Peter Kadzik, now the Justice Department liaison to Congress for Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

“Willing to help. Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail.”

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“Willing to help. Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail,” Podesta gushed just before Obama won the White House.

The Sept. 8, 2008, email was sent to Cassandra Butts of the Obama campaign. It was posted by WikiLeaks on Tuesday in the ongoing releases of Podesta’s emails, which were hacked in March.

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Podesta was represented by Kadzik in 1998 when he was accused of getting a job for Monica Lewinsky, the former intern at the White House. Lewinsky became embroiled in the scandals of President Bill Clinton in 1998, when the Drudge Report and Newsweek revealed she had an affair with the president.

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It was later revealed she obtained a job for the Clinton White House at the United Nations. Podesta was investigated by independent counsel Kenneth Starr for allegedly getting her that role, ostensibly to keep her quiet.

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Podesta was never charged.

Now Kadzik is at a key role in President Obama attorney general’s office as the Department of Justice. The department is in upheaval over the FBI’s new investigation into Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails.

The FBI announced on Friday that it was reopening an investigation into Clinton’s emails. Clinton kept a private server at her home while she was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. The server processed federal records and classified information in violation of the law.

Kadzik has dined with Podesta at his home since the 2008 recommendation, according to other emails. On Jan. 12, Kadzik and Podesta emailed each other about a dinner date.

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Kadzik is now helping the FBI investigate tens of thousands of emails found on the laptop of Huma Abedin, the top Clinton aide. Abedin is the estranged wife of ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Weiner’s shared laptop was discovered by the FBI to have Clinton’s State Department emails on them in late October.

Kadzik wrote to Congress on Monday assuring them the new investigation will be quick.

It is unclear if Kadzik is still in communication with Podesta — or if they have shared dinner of late.

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