Oakland Police Under Fire for Breaking Up Violent Anti-Trump Riots

Left-wing activists slam law enforcement for protecting community from destructive protests

Left-wing legal activists are accusing the Oakland Police Department of using “brutal force” in the face of violent protests that erupted in the days following Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election.

Cat Brooks, interim executive director of the of the Bay Area chapter of National Lawyers Guild Bay Area Chapter, an association of activist lawyers, and her co-chair Carey Lamprecht, said police used brutal tactics to “suppress” political dissent.

“It’s frustrating, this either-or-narrative, social justice or vandalism.”

In truth, Brooks and Lamprecht are merely upset at law enforcement for doing its job. The protests in Oakland following Trump’s win saw significant violence from so-called anarchists.

The “protesters” caused considerable damage — lighting fires on the streets and setting fire to trash cans, smashing the windows of and spraying graffiti on various businesses throughout the city. There were also reports of attacks on officers. Police responded to this behavior by using tear gas and concussion grenades to disperse the rioters and protect citizens’ property.

Brooks herself seemed to admit a sentiment that violent elements should be free to wreak havoc in the name of social justice. “It’s frustrating, this either-or narrative, social justice or vandalism,” she said.

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Evidently Brooks thinks agitators should be free to march in the middle of an unruly, violent mob and expect to be in some sort of magical safe-space bubble.

Unfortunately, it’s not just Brooks and her organization who wish to turn a blind eye to the inherent violence of the anti-Trump protests that have raged across the country.

Despite mass destruction and assaults against police officers in cities such as Oakland and Portland, Oregon, Democratic politicians continue to encourage the demonstrations and liberal pundits and celebrities continue to call for resistance against the “normalization” of Trump.

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Even Obama declined to discourage the protests. “I would not advise people who feel strongly or who are concerned about some of the issues that have been raised during the course of the campaign … I wouldn’t advise them to be silent,” he said in Germany last week.

But not only are the so-called peaceful protests raging across the country nothing remotely like somber, respectable protesters calmly marching through the streets singing “We Shall Overcome,” they are also not occurring for even the slightest legitimate reason.

The protesters taking to the streets in cities across the country are not demonstrating against any actual injustice or crime, nor standing up for the natural and constitutionally guaranteed rights of American citizens, nor resisting any real tyranny. They are merely angry about the results of an entirely legitimate election — angry that roughly half of their countrymen do not share their political opinions.

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