Just how surprised was the media when Republican Donald Trump won the White House?

They were so surprised that they soon realized they did not know anyone who voted for him.

Republicans are as new to Florida newspapers as the wild python population in the Everglades.

In Palm Beach County, Florida — where Donald Trump actually lives part-time — the Palm Beach Post has put out a call for the Trump voters of South Florida to come educate them.

The Post put out the request out on its Facebook page on Tuesday: “Did you vote for Donald J. Trump to become President of the United States? Are you willing to sit down with the The Palm Beach Post Editorial Board and tell us why? Please, email Editorial Page Editor Rick Christie at [email protected].”

Now — this could be a trap.

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Florida is probably the most Republican state with such a liberal newspaper sector: the Miami Herald, the Tampa Bay Times, the Orlando Sentinel. There are a few conservative editorial boards, but generally the newspapers have not kept pace with the growing Republican segment of the Sunshine State population. Republicans are as new to them as the wild python population in the Everglades.

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And like the pythons, the Post, the Times, and the Herald see the GOP as a threat. The Herald’s top columnist, Leonard Pitts Jr., has said something no liberal editorial board would tolerate from a Tea Party member.

Pitts wrote: “I have no interest in seeing this country heal. And I refuse to come together.”

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At the Post, they are already warming up the hot seat: The Facebook plea makes clear the Post has emotions about the Trump win.

“We believe that a great deal of the current divisiveness in the wake of the election comes from a lack of understanding,” the Post editorial staffers wrote. “We’d like to try to bridge that gap, if at all possible. And we’d like to do it without shouting and judgement.”

So, you angry Trump backers — keep your voice down when the Post asks you questions.