Liberals Lose It Over Trump Triumph

GOP nominee's victory leaves coddled millennial progressives 'literally shaking' in its wake

As Donald Trump’s victory became more apparent late Tuesday night, a collective hysteria “literally” began to take hold among liberal and progressive social media users.

The shock and rage of these posts reflect the extent to which Democrats and the mainstream media have successfully vilified Trump in the eyes of progressives and coddled millennials.

If some of these reactions are real and not some brilliant work of satire, then it’s clear that many in America truly do believe that Trump is the monster the ideological zealots at The Huffington Post would have them believe.

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Hopefully the mainstream media has learned its lesson, and will be far more careful in how freely it vilifies public figures in the future.

However, as unwarranted as these reactions may be, they are nevertheless hilarious. The following posts reflect everything from fear, to hate, to anger — they also reflect the extent to which young millennial progressives overuse the word “literally.”

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Warning: Some of these are most certainly NSFW.

Liberals were left utterly confused.

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/BitchNiggaKai/status/796235021153615874″]

Those who were cognizant enough to avoid the confusion still seemed to fall prey to nausea.

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[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/quotethebands/status/796282964061655040″]

Some progressives became petty and vindictive, even willing to tear their own families apart over the results.

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/jadennbyrd/status/796265621889482752″]

And some were “literally” crybabies.

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/xo_allieeee/status/796277112764243968″]

Most, however, were left shaking.

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/JusJaeee/status/796206908667478016″]

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/mallow610/status/796201096821751808″]

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/Mayaafranco/status/796198194426150912″]

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/MeghanHerron/status/796207580246843394″]

Literally shaking.

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/dayforthedead/status/796207632453406720″]

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/romeotakeme/status/796207539725672448″]

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/shenniexp/status/796207461434793984″]

Like, seriously, literally shaking.

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/Witch_Burner/status/796207280853315587″]

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/_vanessaives/status/796206996097642496″]

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/my_name_is_emil/status/796206942582620160″]

The trend was even noticed by other social media users, some of whom thankfully have a sense of humor.

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/Jasperge107/status/796202176594972673″]

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/doubleplusgood2/status/796224334721257472″]

[lz_third_party align=center includes=”https://twitter.com/AwaxED/status/796375247524167680″]

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