Liberal Meltdown in Connecticut After Students Chant ‘Build That Wall’

Mayor, superintendent call in Anti-Defamation League, demand apology after 'deeply offensive' football cheer

If you’re a student at Wilton High School in Wilton, Connecticut, you better not tell educators that you’re for border security.

They might freak the heck out.

“Whatever the motivation of these students was, if you want them to learn something, they should apologize.”

That’s what happened following a Friday football game, according to the News-Times of Connecticut.

Apparently, Wilton High School was hosting Danbury High School in a game of men’s football. A small number of students started chanting “build that wall.”

Minds were soon lost.

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Wilton High School principal Robert O’Donnell penned a letter to parents, explaining the pro-defense, pro-security chant had angered and upset some people.

“It is true that a small number of students did chant this phrase during the game,” wrote O’Donnell. “The students involved in the chanting denied offensive intent, but we recognize that many will feel offended by this particular phrase.”

Even the Danbury mayor, Republican Mark Boughton, said on Thursday that the chant brought on a “teachable moment.” He asked the chanting students for an apology.

“This is deeply offensive to our community and to our students,” Boughton said, according to the News-Times. “Whatever the motivation of these students was, if you want them to learn something, they should apologize.”

News-Times reporter Pat Tomlinson then did what media often does when looking for readily outraged, anti-Trump liberals: He got quotes from the Anti-Defamation League.

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“I can tell you that they are taking it seriously,” said Steve Ginsburg of the regional ADL. “We’re focused, like the school is, on ensuring that this is a learning experience and that those who were hurt and offended receive the appropriate apologies.”

Tomlinson explains: “On the campaign trail, Trump stirred up support from white nationalists, prompting others to fear his tenure.”

Boughton, rumored to be a GOP candidate for Connecticut governor in 2018, later felt forced to explain his outrage on Twitter. The Danbury mayor said the reason the chant was wrong was because his team and city are “diverse.” He also tweeted that he is still waiting for an apology.

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Outraged liberals also petitioned the school via Change.org.

On that petition, one alumna said she thought the chant was racist.

A gay alumnus noted the harm of the incident. Wilton High graduate Alexander Kempson wrote: “Please don’t let this be another situation which confirms [Wilton] as a place that protects jerks from learning the consequences of language and action, both for themselves and for their community at large.”

It’s not clear what the border wall Trump has proposed has to do with any of the issues mentioned by Kempson or the Anti-Defamation League.

What is clear is that fragile liberals are still too upset by the outcome of the Nov. 8 election to hear their kids excited about securing the U.S. border or using a popular political slogan to simply urge their teams’ defense to block and tackle.

Students at K-12 schools or colleges: If you have been bullied by teachers, administrators, weak-kneed Republicans, Democratic activists, or fellow students about being pro-Trump, pro-Republican, or being for border security, we want to hear from you. Email Jim Stinson at [email protected].

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