If they were running stories like this to help Trump, the Democrats would change the rules to limit what the press could say about early voting:

“An early sign Trump is being out-organized: A big Democratic advantage in Nevada voting,” read the Washington Post’s headline in “The Fix.”

“Democrats have built what could be an insurmountable edge in Nevada at the end of early voting in the Western battleground state,” read the opening line of a Saturday article on CNN.

Look at this list of the last three polls taken in Nevada by national media outlets and polling firms:

  • Conducted by CNN/ORC, released Nov. 1: Trump 51, Clinton 45 (Trump +6)
  • Conducted by Remington Research, released Oct. 30: Trump 48, Clinton 44 (Trump +4)
  • Conducted by Emerson College Polling, released Oct. 27: Trump 42, 44 (Clinton +2)

These polls indicate that momentum is on Trump’s side and his support rising in the run-up to Election Day.

Trump plainly has a good chance to win Nevada (he leads Clinton by 2 points in the RealClearPolitics average Saturday), and the press is certainly trying to suppress his vote by attempting to convince people that Hillary has already won the state. They would never, ever do something like that for Trump. No wonder so many people despise the press.