Immigration to United States from countries with values antithetical to those of the West is surging at an alarming rate, new analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies shows.

A comparison of the immigrant population in the U.S. that exploded between 2010 and 2015, and the cultural values of their home countries as indicated by the World Values Survey, paints a worrying picture of the future of American cultural and social cohesion.

If 80 percent of Iraqis don’t even want to live next door to a gay person, one can only imagine what they think of a country … which lauds gay people in its Hollywood-produced popular culture.

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Between 2010 and 2015, the Nigerian immigrant population grew by 48 percent. The United States saw both its Egyptian and Iraqi-born populations grow by 35 percent, while immigration from India grew by 34 percent. Immigration from Pakistan increased by 27 percent in that time period.

As the CIS analysis shows, while progressives in America may rejoice at the thought of the continued displacement and dispossession of native-born Americans of European descent, the values with which these immigrant hordes arrive makes cultural assimilation difficult.

According to the World Values Survey, 84 percent of Egyptians believe men should be given work over women, regardless of qualifications, when jobs are scarce — 74 percent of Pakistanis, 66 percent of Nigerians, and 65 percent of Iraqis agree with them.

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In India, 73 percent believes it is sometimes acceptable to beat one’s wife, an opinion they apparently share with 65 percent of Iraqis, 61 percent of Egyptians, and 53 percent of Nigerians, according to the survey.

Seventy-three percent of Iraqis and nearly 50 percent of Indians and Pakistanis said they would not want to live next to an unmarried couple, while 80 percent of Iraqis, 71 percent of Nigerians, and 59 percent of Pakistanis said they would not want to live next to a homosexual. If 80 percent of Iraqis don’t even want to live next door to a gay person, one can only imagine what they think of a country like the United States, which lauds gay people in its Hollywood-produced popular culture.

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And as much as progressives are wont to criticize conservatives for being wary of mass Islamic immigration, it turns out that clear majorities from Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, and Pakistan said they do not trust people from other religions. Eighty-four percent of Egyptians, 75 percent of Pakistanis, and 73 percent of Iraqis wouldn’t even trust someone from a different nationality the survey suggests.

Progressives who peddle multiculturalism deal also in moral relativism, for they ignore the fact that different cultures have different values which are frequently incompatible.

The terrorism, sectarianism, and often violent misogyny that ultimately derives from certain cultures’ social and religious attitudes should give them pause.

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Compared to their constant criticisms of conservatives, American progressives’ refusal to even acknowledge, let alone consider, cultural incompatibilities is shockingly hypocritical.

The American Left calls conservatives hateful homophobes for opposing gay marriage, misogynists for opposing elective abortion, and racist for desiring border security and challenging false narratives about police racism.

Meanwhile, it cheers on immigration from countries where homosexuals can face capital punishment, women’s second-class status is legally enshrined, and foreigners are treated with open disdain.